How to Restart and Force Restart Apple Watch

For Apple Watch users from series 1Series 2Series 3Series 4Series 5series SE, series 6, or series 7 and newer. In this post, admin will share how to restart for Force Restart or Forced Restart.

What is the difference between reboot and forced reboot?

Restart itself is a method of restarting the device that can usually be done easily through the menu that is already available. Simply put, just turn off your device as usual and turn it on again.

However, on the one hand, sometimes the problematic device does not respond at all. Well, here comes the important role of the Force Restart method.

Force Restart or Forced Restart is a method used to restart the device, in the sense of forcibly turning it off and on again. The main purpose of this method is to solve various serious issues like the device not responding to anything, not turning off or not turning on at all.

How to reset Apple Watch

Restart Apple Watch normally, here’s how:

1. Press and hold Side button inside Apple Watch (long form)

2. When a menu appears to turn off Apple Watch Follow

3. Please slide the “ Power off ” or “ Power off” menu on the right to confirm

4. Lastly, if Apple Watch is dead, restart it in the same way as the first method above

If Apple Watch is lit, the reset process was successful.

However, if Apple Watch doesn’t respond at all or just want the process to go faster, you can use the Force Restart method below.

How to force restart Apple Watch

How to force restart or force restart on Apple Watch relatively simple and easy to do. If yes, just follow the steps below:

  • Press and hold Side Button and
    Digital Crown Button (Round) simultaneously for about 10 – 15 seconds, until Apple Watch is off and showing the Apple logo.

After doing a Force Restart, usually issues related to system bugs that occurred before will be resolved immediately.

However, if after hard reset Apple Watch still having issues like not wanting to be touched or responding to anything even completely dead. Chance Apple Watch it suffers from hardware-related or hardware-related damage.

If so, it is recommended to take Apple Watch it to the Apple Authorized Service Center in Indonesia so that the cause of the damage can be verified and solutions to fix it.


OK, that’s all the information about restarting and force restarting Apple
Note that admin can share. If you have something to ask or say, just leave it in the comments column below.

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