Single player story games to be released in 2022-2023

2022 and 2023 promise to be fruitful in terms of game releases of different genres. Many interesting projects have already been released, and which ones are being developed and will be released this and next year. And in this selection, I would like to highlight single story game projects that may be of interest to us.

Single player story games to be released in 2022-2023

The wither 4

The developers from cd project red decided to please the fans of the main hunter of witches and monsters, and now the development of the fourth part, which is being created on the new unreal engine, is already in full swing. This will be a new third-person action role-playing adventure set in a fantasy universe. The plot and actions of the game will mark the beginning of a new saga. The game is being developed in collaboration with Epic Games.

One piece odyssey

We will also expect another role-playing action from a third person, where, according to the plot, during their journey, the Straw Hat Pirates fall into a strong sea storm. Then they find themselves on a mysterious island full of thickets and are accidentally separated from each other. The crew embarks on a new adventure journey full of wonders and powerful enemies. This colorful project will be released in 2022 on computers, playstation 4,playstation 5 and xbox series.

Flintlock the siege of down

The same adventure role-playing action from a third person in a fantasy setting. The game will tell about a world where humanity was on the verge of destruction because of the dark gods, who contributed to this. The heroine we will play as, as well as her magical pet, are the only ones who can protect people. To do this, we will explore the open world, complete quests and fight enemies. Magic and small arms will help to fight them. There will be an opportunity to pump and combine them in battle, as well as to turn various combos.

Atomic heart

In my opinion, one of the most anticipated first-person shooters that just can’t decide on a release date is the solid Atomic Heart, which is an adventure first-person shooter set in an alternate reality. According to the plot, a technological revolution took place, and the Soviet Union was the first to acquire robots, holograms and many other fantastic things. Players will have a story in the spirit of BioShock, where the main character will walk along the corridors of the Soviet base, where at every corner there will be many unique enemies and puzzles.

Dead space remake

The fourth part of the space horror about Isaac Clarke is not worth waiting for, but we will still see a remake of the first part. But with new graphics and all sorts of graphic goodies. But with the same combat system and plot. For those who haven’t played. In the story, an ordinary engineer, Isaac Clarke, is sent to a spaceship in order to carry out repairs. Upon arrival, he sees a completely “different” crew, and his beloved has disappeared without a trace. Using his tools and engineering ingenuity, he will have to uncover a terrible secret and save his beloved.

Hogwarts legacy

Fans of the game series about the great wizard will be able to enjoy the magical atmosphere of the great Hogwarts again in 2022. But playing for the main magician with glasses will not work. But we will be able to run along the corridors of the great school of witchcraft and magic. It will be a role-playing game in the Harry Potter universe, where the action will unfold in the 19th century Hogwarts. The protagonist is a school student who holds the key to an ancient secret that threatens to tear the magical world apart. As you progress, the player will explore the open world, upgrade his character, brew potions and learn spells.


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