Where to buy your PS5 console?

It’s now been a little over five months and a large number of gamers looking for a PS5 are still caught in a perpetual cycle of waiting for restocking , plugging in when the time is right and receiving nothing more than the mention “sold out” as a thank you. We will help you to know the availability of the PS5 console as well as its points of sale.

Where to buy a PS5?

There are several sites where you can get a PS5, namely:

Find your PS5 at Amazon

For some very bizarre reasons, Amazon had decided to release some PS5 stock the day after Prime Day closed. But despite this strange initiative, all the stock was sold out immediately. Remember though that the PS5s are set to cost $499 and the digital version is $399 , so don’t get confused by the third-party listings that often crop up.

Walmart More

The traditional Thursday PS5 destocking could well be back, friends. Sometimes you can see on the listing page when PS5 stock is ready to go live on the day. If you miss the opportunity, don’t leave the page since it is usually refreshed shortly after for a second or third restocking the same day.

If you want to discover Walmart Plus, to benefit from free and fast delivery , reduced fuel prices and other advantages, it is possible to do a free 15-day trial.

Gamestop: for complete PS5 packs

Business continues to improve at GameStop, with PS5 stock appearing to come in at least once a week on a consistent basis recently. Wednesday or Thursday are generally the best days. Packs are frequently available , so if you spot one that suits you, go for it because they sell out (a little slower) than the solo models.

Try your luck buying a PS5 at Target

After long keeping PS5 stocks on Wednesdays or Thursdays, the company Target has recently revamped its strategy. Friday was good, then suddenly a drop on Monday. The 6-10 hour formula seems to hold up and stock availability is determined by the user’s location in the US. So clearly indicate your postal code and play your luck!

How to follow the availability of PS5 consoles?

If you want to spend much more than the bill amount, you can find a PlayStation 5 or a PS5 bundle at retailers such as eBay or StockX. However, we recommend that you wait until the PS5 console is offered at normal cost at retail stores such as Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop, Target, and Walmart.

It’s possible to monitor PlayStation 5 stock movements yourself . As noted above, Twitter is a great base for restocking rumors . But there may be merchants and informants telling us about upcoming PS5 console stock renewals,

It could take months to return to more or less normal inventory levels in stores. It will therefore be difficult to recover your own PS5 game console before the start of the summer, at the earliest. This sequel will surely help you find a PS5:

  • Newegg does not sell PS5 consoles on its own, only bundles . However, the site regularly has reservations for buyers who are willing to shell out a bit more;
  • we advise against paying more than retail to buy a PS5, and yet if you absolutely want to pick up a console right away, eBay is your shortcut to getting it. That being said, plan to pay more than the list; the average cost of a PS5 on eBay is around $800;
  • once in stock, Best Buy is selling the PS5 with the Blu-ray for $500 , as well as the Digital Edition for $400. The distributor also presents a series of accessories on its site dedicated to the PS5;
  • if you’re out of the usual retail options and are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars more than the list price, try StockX .

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