How to create a YouTube channel

Since its creation in 2005, YouTube which means “You” for you and “tube” for cathode ray tube which operated televisions before the appearance of LCD technology. YouTube started in a small local in California run by its founders Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. At first they wanted to watch videos in large numbers and be able to share others, it is from these questions that the concept of YouTube was born.

The small Start-up was immediately successful because after the launch of its beta version, it only took a few months to record millions of views. In 2006, YouTube was acquired by Google for $1.65 million.

How to use the YouTube site?

You can use YouTube by going to the site or by using the mobile version which is an application generally preinstalled on all Android platforms, it can also be downloaded from Play store or App store.

YouTube has become nowadays among the 3 most visited sites in the world. We do not need to register, if we just want to watch videos, just type what we are looking for to watch and watch videos with other similar proposals.

When you register on the Play store to configure your phone, you obviously need to have or create a Gmail account. The latter connects us by default to YouTube, this also allows us to view the possibility of downloading certain videos, saving them, having a library and being able to subscribe to users or channels.

When you subscribe to thematic channels, you can activate notifications for new activities and new creations.

How to open your YouTube channel?

To get started on YouTube, you have to open a channel and distribute content according to your hobbies or goals. Having a YouTube account is not enough to be able to broadcast videos, so you have to create a YouTube channel . In order to create a YouTube channel , you must log in to your account and proceed as follows:

  • click on the profile picture and choose create a channel;
  • check his profile his photo and all the information;
  • validate for the creation of the channel.

The videos you post will be with your YouTube information , so you have to check everything before validating your information and your photo according to the use you want to make of this channel.

In order to have a chance that the videos posted will be seen by a large number of people , you have to know how to choose your Tags using relevant words that describe the video well.

How to post a video on YouTube?

To post a video, you must import a video using YouTube Studio and then by clicking on create, you select the file to import. We can even post 15 videos at the same time, only for the duration of the video, if you did not provide your phone number when creating your Google account, the video cannot exceed 15 minutes. The video before being broadcast, must contain information that describes it, it needs a title , a thumbnail image that visually represents it before viewing and a description that will be displayed below the video. This video must be part of an existing playlist or create a new one to dedicate it to it.

There are audience standards to be respected, so it must be pointed out if the video is designed for children as stipulated by the COPPA law which is the “Children Online Privacy Protect Act”, without forgetting to apply an age limit if the video is not suitable for a certain young audience.

One can check if the video is eligible for ads, this can make it magnetizable to monetize it. Videos that have a lot of views can interest advertisers who will put their ads on your YouTube channel. This opportunity can bring you earnings, to check it, you must participate in the YouTube partner program, this is how you can activate or deactivate monetization and choose ad formats and manage ad breaks. You need to follow an advertiser-oriented content strategy to move towards profitable monetization for your YouTube channel.

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