What is this concept of refurbished laptop?

Computer equipment, such as computers can be recycled. Not wanting new hardware is absolutely no big deal and many companies, as well as individuals, tend to adopt this strategy. On the contrary, in the face of a period of financial crisis and fears about environmental degradation, we are witnessing the rapid growth of the remanufacturing sector.
In this article, we will learn more about the refurbished laptop, including its benefits and the risks that might come with it. Next, we’ll tell you where you can get one.

What is a refurbished computer?

A refurbished computer is a priori a second-hand PC. However, unlike the latter, a refurbished computer is a device returned by its purchaser due to the latter’s dissatisfaction or, more commonly, an exhibition device. Therefore, by simply opening the package, it is considered more as a new product, but rather as a used device. Refurbished items must therefore respect certain parameters. In addition, failing to put it back on sale, as would have been possible with a second-hand item, the reconditioned product will be sent back to the distributor so that it can carry out a series of tests.

The benefits of refurbished computers

By purchasing a refurbished laptop computer via a trusted site, you will have a device with the same qualities as the new one while being at a more attractive price, such as:

  • refurbished computers are a very advantageous solution, particularly in terms of price;
  • refurbished laptops have a warranty equal to that of new computers.

The various problems related to refurbished computers

In the field of refurbishment, a major question remains in mind: what are the risks of refurbished devices?
First of all, be aware that the acquisition of reconditioned equipment presents certain risks. It may be that the hardware has a hidden defect that could affect the proper aging of the PC.
Of course, a warranty is provided, however, when the material previously has a problem with its external appearance, the warranty cannot intervene.

Where can I find a refurbished laptop?

To get a refurbished laptop, several sites are available to you and offer sales services on the Internet. Among the sites offering products for sale on the Internet, we find in particular Amazon, Rue du Commerce or AfB.

Amazon: the safest sales platform offering high-quality items

The Amazon site is a commercial platform of reference for those accustomed to shopping on the Internet. Items listed here are often refurbished or reconditioned and also come with a one-year merchant warranty.
Amazon has the widest selection of refurbished laptops. It is possible to find any model of refurbished computer, whether it is a refurbished gaming laptop, a hybrid computer, a normal computer, etc.

Rue du Commerce: good deals are waiting for you!

Rue du Commerce also sells refurbished laptops. The platform offers many refurbished items. You will certainly find the one you need at unbeatable prices, such as the refurbished Asus laptop PC, which you will find at the price of 599 €.
In addition, Rue du Commerce has the merit of allowing you to benefit from the “Recovery” pack. With this kit, the company offers its customers the opportunity to buy back their portable PC up to 80% of the price thereof within one year.

AfB: an essential site for obtaining quality

The AfB platform is unfortunately too little known, and yet it is one of the most interesting platforms for obtaining refurbished IT equipment. It is a reseller in France, which takes care of the purchase, the repackaging as well as the delivery of its products for sale on French territory. Consequently, the quality is very French: every item is controlled by specialists who carry out meticulous checks.
You will find computers of all brands there. As for the warranty, it is for twelve months, but it is possible to extend it to 24 months if you wish.


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