How to Pin a Comment on Instagram

Did you know that you can pin a comment on Instagram ? It is something very easy to do and what it will do is keep said comment at the top so that it is more visible and better located, but not all of them can be anchored at the top, and it is something that we will explain to you now.

For example, you may have uploaded a photo you like to Instagram. The problem comes when the post is highly commented and you would be interested in highlighting some of the comments that appear there because you like what it says, it clarifies something or because of whatever circumstance.

There is an option to pin that comment to the top , so that it always appears on top, with the exception that you cannot pin your own comments. That is, you can only pin comments made by other people in the publication, if you write something you will not be able to pin it.

To pin a comment on any of the posts you’ve made, do the following:

  1. Open the post and go to the comments section. In the case of the Instagram app for iOS, just slide the comment you want to pin to the left so that different icons appear, you will have to click on the pin .
  2. Immediately, that comment goes up and stays just below the post , although you can undo that action by doing the same as the previous step, but unpinning the comment, returning it to its original location.

In total , up to 3 comments can be pinned and the owner will receive a notification that their comment has been pinned, so this is something to keep in mind. As we already mentioned, comments made by yourself will not be able to highlight them at the top.

The procedure that we have explained to you works for Instagram on Android as well as for the iOS version, so you should not have any problems posting comments in this way regardless of the version of Instagram you use depending on your phone.

By the way, if you want to post comments on Instagram via the web, that is, through Instagram Web, you will not be able to, the web version does not allow it and you will have to go to the app, you can also post photos of publications in your profile to appear first.

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