How to improve customer service by WhatsApp? 5 tips to achieve it

Customer service by WhatsApp is very important for any business since it is the closest application for users . In addition, they expect quick service and no delay in response, so agility must also be part of your business service strategies .

But why so much importance to WhatsApp? This application has become one of the most important worldwide. In fact, it is estimated that 1 billion people use it every day. In other words, it is a very important digital communication channel for people.

However, to have optimal customer service through WhatsApp, the conventional application will not be used. For business, the WhatsApp Business API has been launched . A tool that helps you implement chatbots within the app or have multi-agent management.

This tool can be implemented at no cost and in no time thanks to omnichannel platforms like Ticker . Once you have everything configured you can apply the following tips.

  1. 1) 1) Implement chatbots
  2. 2) 2) Ensures a multi-agent service
  3. 3) 3) Publish your product catalog
  4. 4) 4) Create a communication flow in case of complaints
  5. 5) 5) Use the data to improve your strategies

1) Implement chatbots

Users want fast attention. With the integration of bots within WhatsApp, your customers will always have an instant response, which prevents your potential customers from leaving your business since a bot will always be active 24/7.

2) Ensures a multi-agent service

If your business has multiple WhatsApp accounts, then you are hurting your attention as having different numbers makes users confused. For this reason, with the WhatsApp API , many service agents will be able to manage the same account on different devices at the same time. Which improves the care experience.

3) Publish your product catalog

With the WhatsApp API you can integrate the catalog of your products within the application. In this way, your potential customers will be able to access the information about what you offer without having to leave WhatsApp. This guarantees self-service for users.

4) Create a communication flow in case of complaints 

No one is free from having a claim. Therefore, if you are going to attend to a client by WhatsApp, it is necessary to know what to do in case they have a complaint. For this, you can implement an automatic message that has multiple options so that the user can solve their problem. 

5) Use the data to improve your strategies

Data helps you understand customer behavior. And with the WhatsApp API you can have exclusive access to important metrics to improve customer service for your business. With this information, you will be able to have the necessary insights to improve the customer service of your business

Did these tips interest you? We made a video where we talk in much more detail about these tips and some examples of how to execute them so that you can serve a client on WhatsApp much more easily. Cheer up to see it, you are just one click away.

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