Games of 2014: The best games that came out 8 years ago

Games of 2014: This is another nostalgic collection of games. And this time this article is dedicated to Games of 2014. Where 8 years ago a lot of interesting game projects came out. And I would like to talk about several such suitable and memorable games in this article.

Games of 2014: The best games that came out 8 years ago

Far cry 4

By right, the fourth part, released on November 18, 2014, is considered one of the best first-person shooters, where there is colorful and realistic graphics, an interesting open world and a variety of gameplay in general. Far cry 4 is an adventure first-person shooter set in the Himalayas, in a kingdom called Kirat. The main character of the game is a young guy named Ajay, who arrived in his homeland to solve pressing problems.

As in the previous part, far cry 4 has a system for upgrading the skills of the main character, and in addition to the story missions, the game also has many other interesting side tasks, for which the main character will receive useful items and game currency, for which you can replenish equipment. As I described above, the game has a large open world, where there are many really interesting places that you can explore for hours.

wolfenstein the new order

The project is a direct continuation of wolfensein released in 2009 and the new order plot develops in an alternate reality. We all play as the same hero as the previous parts of the wolfenstein-BJ Blaskowitz game series. In new order, the graphics and the game component as a whole have been completely redesigned. The combat system of the game is very primitive, but quite interesting. Another big plus of this project is that the game has preserved the traditions of the classic first-person shooter, and there is also an excellent Russian localization, a good storyline with many interesting video screensavers, different locations and gameplay.


This is a first-person steampunk action game released on February 24, 2014, where the plot takes us to the Middle Ages of the Victorian era. The main character of the game is a master thief named Gareth. And he falls into the maelstrom of mystical events. Also in the game there is an element of fantasy, where there is magic and fantastic creatures.

The player performs various tasks, which will mainly be related to thefts, and we are free to go through these very tasks as we want – to pass quietly and not noticeably like a real thief, or we can “turn off” opponents and behave defiantly, while attracting other npc. And we can also use the features of the environment and use different ways and approaches. In general, the gameplay of the project is quite diverse, the graphics of the game are decent and optimized, as well as a quite tolerable plot and an addictive atmosphere.

Lord of the fallen

This is a game project in the rpg genre, where we acted as a traveler named Harkin. The main task of the hero is to resist the supernatural force. Passing the story, the player will be able to significantly influence the game story, make decisions that will change the game world. The player moves through the levels, fights with various opponents and their bosses, while gaining experience, pumping and a unique arsenal.

The accumulated experience can be spent on improving combat skills. In addition to completing the storyline, we will also be able to complete many other side tasks that allow you to gain additional experience and equipment. In general, lord of the fallen, with its combat mechanics and gameplay, resembles the game dark soul. All in all, I highly recommend this game.

Assassin screed unity

Another seventh “main” exciting part about Assassins transfers the action of history to Paris of the 18th century, or rather during the time of royal France from 1776 to 1808. The player is also given a new acting character, Arno Dorian. In the game, parkour, the combat system were finalized, skills were upgraded, and the graphics themselves became much more realistic and detailed. It’s also nice that the game can be played in co-op.

In general, this is still the same game with its roots, which combines action and stealth. Unity is famous for richness of interesting cutscenes, a variety of missions, beautiful landscapes and well-designed and charismatic characters. Sometimes it feels like we are watching a historical film with expensive scenery.

Enemy Front

A first-person shooter about the events of the Second World War, where we will play as a correspondent who, by some coincidence, joins the Warsaw resistance forces. This project is diverse and interesting in that we will be able to participate both in spy missions and in dynamic and epic battles on the territory of Europe. The plot of the game is not linear and we will be able to choose how we act and where we go. I would also like to note that this project has colorful and realistic graphics, a well-developed combat system and game mechanics in general.

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