Description of the new Pulse 3D headset for PS5

The long-awaited PlayStation 5 became available from November 19, 2020, and gave way to new accessories specially dedicated to the new game console. However, among all these accessories, the craziest of each other, it turns out that the PS5’s Bluetooth headset more commonly referred to as the “Pluse 3D headset” is somewhat if not very rare to find due to low availability.

Indeed, this wireless headset is a victim of its own success, and that is why we will see throughout this article all the key elements that make it one of the most popular accessories.

What are the main features of the PS5 Pulse 3D headset?

First of all, it is important to note that the new PlayStation headset has been designed to be compatible with the various “Tempest 3D AudioTech” technologies. Indeed, the latter is perfectly compatible with this accessory and therefore with the multiple specificities of the Sony brand game console.

Thanks to this new technology, it is also possible for gamers to be able to enjoy an exceptional gaming experience, since this headset offers an impressive immersion during its use, thus giving the impression of being right in the middle of the game and perceiving sound systems in all directions. The design of the “Pulse 3D” model was carried out in order to be able to evolve the old model of the PS4, namely the “Gold Wireless Headset” model, also a successor to the “Pulse” headset of the PS3.

As far as design is concerned, “Pulse 3D” is very much in line with that of the new PlayStation, with a decor that is both futuristic and very refined in white and black, as well as a few blue light effects to accompany it all. . To return to the design of the wireless headphones, the latter is equipped with very comfortable black pads, without forgetting the white touch coming to be deposited at the level of the arch of the latter.

The different elements of the helmet have been created so as not to cause any long-term discomfort, so they simply fit the shape of the ears and the head so that you no longer feel the presence of a helmet on your head.

In addition, it is important to note that the “Pulse 3D” has different functionalities and therefore various activation buttons, namely the buttons:

  • power On/Off;
  • sound volume adjustment;
  • micro cut;
  • monitor, to accentuate voice feedback;
  • double button, with the aim of intensifying chat audio to video game audio.

In order to be able to use the headset of the PS5, you just have to connect it to the console and this in a childish way. Indeed it is using a specially dedicated USB key, which will have to be connected to the PS5 using Bluetooth connectivity in order to pair the two elements. It is therefore impossible to pair this accessory with other devices such as a smartphone due to the lack of USB input.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the PS5 Pulse 3D headset?

When it comes to the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the new PS5 headset , it’s worth noting that nothing is completely perfect. So, in order to better guide you in your choice and give you a much more detailed look at this accessory, here is a short summary of the important points :

Strong points

  • good immersion and sound quality;
  • light accessory, comfortable over a long period of use;
  • possibility of use with or without cord;
  • easy controller connectivity;
  • Excellent value.

Weak points

  • imperfection in 3D audio;
  • low autonomy of use;
  • complex button layout;
  • flimsy accessory.

What other accessories should I have?

When the PlayStation 5 entered the market, a series of specially dedicated accessories also made their way. Thus, in addition to the “Pulse 3D” Bluetooth headphones, the Sony brand has put on sale in particular:

  • a DualSense controller (included in the standard pack);
  • a DualSense controller charging station;
  • a multimedia remote control;
  • an HD camera.

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