Games of 2001: The best games that came out over 20 years ago

Games of 2001: There are many posts like this on my blog. And this time we will remember what games came out in 2001. What new games pleased us with their release 21 years ago. What game projects we replay to this day.

Games of 2001: The best games

Max Payne

On July 23, 2001, a third-person shooter about the most important policeman in the gaming industry, Max Payne, was released, where the main character did not search for evidence, and in general did not spend a lot of extra time, but simply ran and smashed the bad guys in slow mo. The action of the plot developed in New York. The project initially attracted players with its originality, namely, cut scenes were not used and stylized comics were used instead, and the noir style was used, which gave the project some zest. The graphics of the game were on top as well as the combat system and gameplay in general. The game immediately won the appreciation of players and critics, not only for all the above advantages, but also for the soundtrack and a certain atmosphere.

Silent hill 2

On September 24, 2001, after the successful launch of the first part of silent hill, the developers from konami decide to release the second part of the game. And the continuation will also be crowned with success. The game turned out to be the same atmospheric and interesting. With more improved graphics, sound effects and gameplay features. All the same, in the second part of the freedom of action has become more. The main character was James Sunderland, who received a letter from his wife Mary, who disappeared some time before the start of the main events of the game. In a letter, she asked him to come to the resort town of Silent hill. The gameplay consisted of solving puzzles, finding the necessary items, exploring locations and confronting monsters.

Halo combat evolved

On November 16, 2001, the developers from Bungie introduce the gaming audience to the first-person space shooter Halo. Oddly enough, the gaming community liked it. We acted as a super soldier who was referred to as “Master Chief”. He becomes the most effective in the fight against the aliens, using his combat skills and knowledge. The game also had a tactical component, where some actions had to be considered first, but for the most part it was still a shooter, where it was possible to move around large locations both on foot and on specialized vehicles. In the future, games in the halo series began to gain more and more popularity, thanks to their story company and multiplayer game mode.

Alien vs predator 2

The second part of a dynamic first-person shooter based on the famous film October 22, 2001. The main highlight of the game was that we were given the opportunity to play in one of the three available companies, namely the “marine”, “alien” or “predator”. In general, this is a linear 3d shooter, which was made in the best traditions of this genre. The player had to go through level after level and complete certain missions. Personally, I want to add that this game had a great exciting atmosphere, quite interesting tasks, well-developed level design, and each of the three available campaigns was completely different, where each hero (marine, alien and predator) had certain skills and an arsenal, although the passage for the “alien” is most related to the action genre.


On October 22, 2001, the third part of the already popular gta was released, where absolutely everything changed radically. Now the player ran from a full-fledged third person across a large open world, where the plot took place in Liberty City. It was a real gift for lovers of freedom in the gaming world. In addition to 50 main story missions, the player was also waiting for a lot of side tasks. The concept of the game remains the same as in the first two parts, but everything else has been changed one hundred percent. Also, starting from the third part, a small but very interesting opportunity appeared – to upload your own tracks in mp3 format, so that later you could listen to them in the gameplay at a certain radio station. The graphics of the game at that time were excellent, as was the overall gameplay.

Return to castle Wolfenstein

On November 19, 2001, an excellent shooter was released, the events of which took place during the Second World War – return to castle Wolfenstein. I went through this wonderful project several times. One of the most atmospheric games I’ve ever played. It was the same game that introduced me to the charismatic protagonist, BJ Blaskowitz. Whose identity, unfortunately, is revealed only in future parts of the series – new order and new colossus. Absolutely everything was perfectly implemented in return to castle wolfenstein, from musical accompaniment to the combat system, where the main character could boast of a wide arsenal.


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