Xbox One Kinect Games | Games for kinect on Xbox One

Xbox One Kinect Games: Many people say that Kinect is an unnecessary device that will gather dust on the shelf along with other unnecessary things. So they said about Kinect for xbox 360, they also say about Kinect version 2.0 for xbox one consoles. But I will tell you that I completely disagree with this and I want to prove it with this article, where I will provide several suitable game projects where this device can be used one hundred percent.

Xbox One Kinect Games | Games for kinect on Xbox One

Fighter within

The game from the developers of Ubisoft will exceed all expectations and will especially appeal to ardent fans of the virtual martial arts genre. This project was created using the latest technology, thanks to which the graphics turned out to be quite decent. This is by far the best martial arts simulator for Kinect. The project also provides a high-quality picture, where the movements of the wrestlers are thought out to the smallest detail. The characters in the gameplay move very realistically, and all the tricks look very high quality.

The management of the fighters, the developers have made it quite simple and convenient, where, like in most fighting games, all kinds of punches and kicks, grabs, sweeps and much more are provided. Thanks to an extraordinary multiplayer mode, any player will take part in an exciting tournament for the title of the greatest fighter, both with his friends and with martial arts fans. Each duel will take place in unique combat zones.

Pixar rush

An exciting game in which the main characters of popular pixar cartoons will meet. Namely, there are cartoon characters Up, Cars, Super Family, Toy Story and so on. The game allows you to interact with your favorite characters, complete levels with them, solve puzzles and win various mini-games. The project has a convenient gameplay that anyone can handle. The game has a lot of interesting tasks, tests for dexterity, and there are also tasks where you need to apply logic.

In general, this is a great entertaining project for the whole family and for a friendly company. Also, pixar rush will delight you with high-definition images, pleasant visual effects and musical accompaniment. The game will offer to plunge headlong into a fabulous adventure, which will be a great gift for all lovers of fairy tales. Heroes from the super family, Sheriff Woody, Lightning McQueen, Woody Woodpecker and other heroes of the Pixar universe will definitely not let you get bored. So keep it up. Pass the tests, win rewards and valuable prizes, and share the results with your friends and just enjoy the game.

Xbox fitness

Well, how can you do without fitness simulators in the selection of games for kinect, which will be ardent assistants in keeping fit. Why do you need treadmills and barbells. Buy a better Kinect and the xbox fitness simulator disc itself. No, of course it’s a joke. Naturally, a treadmill is better than jumping on camera, led by some fitness instructor, but still, fitness with the help of Kinect is such a good alternative to exercise equipment, and it will also be cheaper.

In general, this is an arcade with an admixture of a simulator and an educational game from the developers of Microsoft Game Studios. In short, this is a sports application for xbox one and series, where players are offered to do fitness with the help of video lessons from the most famous fitness brands.

Rabbids invation

This is a first-person arcade game from the developers of Ubisoft. This is a game project, the plot of which is based on the animated series of the same name. The game itself is made in the genre of an interactive television show. Players are given 20 episodes, where the episodes differ in different tasks and locations. The game has bright colors, a lot of movement, very simple gameplay and competitive elements.

Just dance 19

A dance project from the same Ubisoft developers, which offers players to light up the famous songs. In total, the game has more than 400 tracks. Also in 19 just dance, the gameplay, graphics and special effects were improved. The game offers to compete not in some kind of sport, but on the dance floor. Apply all the skills and everything you know about dancing. Remember how you dance in the shower, when brushing your teeth or when you really want to use the toilet and apply these skills on a virtual dance floor. Especially the game comes to friendly companies, where before the game you drank a couple of cans of beer.

shape up

Also, without departing from the fitness theme, I also offer another exciting project for pumping up your muscles. shape up. The game offers to combine fun and training, where the players will have at their disposal a huge set of exercises, the duration of which will be one and a half minutes. And believe me, this will be enough to get tired. It is also possible to record your workouts on camera to laugh at your acrobatic abilities, well, in the sense then try to beat your own results. The game will calculate the number of calories burned for you and will keep detailed statistics, thanks to which the player will be able to determine which muscle group should be given special attention. The game can offer a different approach and make training more interesting. For example, you can try to jump up to the moon or lift a huge elephant. Accordingly, from this kind of activity, you can make a kind of competition.


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