Best games of 2010

Best games of 2010: 2010 was a real golden year in terms of game releases. Game sequels and games where for the first time we saw something new in the combat system, graphics, style and gameplay of a project. And in this article, I propose to recall the most memorable game releases that we first tested 12 years ago.

Best games of 2010

Medal of Honor

The new part of the medal was released on October 12, 2010, which completely turned the game series upside down. The graphics, game mechanics and combat system have been completely changed. The plot of this project was based on real events and the actions carried the player into the military operations of our days, from the usual actions of the Second World War. The 2010 game had excellent and realistic graphics, interesting cut scenes and a large selection of firearms.

Metro 2033

The real gift for fans of atmospheric shooters in 2010 was the release of Metro 2033 from the brilliant writer Dmitry Glukhovsky. The gameplay and game mechanics of this project were made very realistic, where the player only had to save ammo, monitor the integrity of the gas mask, keep track of time and search every corner in the hope of finding something useful. In fact, the project was very interesting and generally liked by a wide audience. The project itself has won positive reviews from critics and rave reviews from players. Also, do not forget that Metro 2033 had a very exciting storyline, solid and advanced graphics, realistic combat mechanics and interesting character dialogues.

Alan Wake

This mystical third-person action game was originally released by developers Remedy exclusively for the xbox 360 in 2010. Quite original and unlike other projects, the game Alan wake quickly gained popularity among the gaming community and received good reviews from critics, which is why the developers decide in 2012 to port this game for computer owners. In the version of Alan wake for computers, graphics, textures, sound were improved and, accordingly, the frame rate was not limited to 30 frames per second, but gave out quite stable 60 fps. Also, in addition to the original game, the other two plot additions were released for computers.

Sniper ghost warrior 2010

A tactical first-person shooter where we acted as a sniper, and the game and combat mechanics were built in such a way that we could perform all the actions like a real sniper, namely: crawl like a plastuna, think through every step, try to do everything quietly and remain invisible, which gave this project a special “zest”. The main weapon of the protagonist will be a sniper rifle, various melee weapons, and so on. The game had quite a variety of missions, where there were both calm and dynamic tasks. Sniper ghost warrior has excellent realistic and well-designed graphics created on the chrome engine 4. The plot in the game also did not let us down and I personally went through sniper ghost warrior in one breath.


The events of the game take place in a post-apocalyptic world, where the main character was a guy named “Monkey” and throughout the game we will be helped by an npc partner. This is a third-person action-adventure game with a gripping storyline set in the distant future. The project itself turned out to be very dynamic, fast and interesting, and which certainly did not let you get bored with its gameplay. The game had the ability to improve the techniques of the main character, which made the combat system of the game more fun, as well as there were many different interesting characters. The graphics of the game was created using the unreal engine 3 and, in principle, the landscapes in enslaved looked quite bright, colorful and beautiful.


This is a kind of re-release of an old game that was released on the sega console back in 1988. Only in the game of 2010 release there was a different graphics, combat system, gameplay and musical accompaniment, but the meaning of the game remained the same – the main character named Rick had to deal with various monsters using hand-to-hand combat and, in rare cases, firearms – everything is the same , as in the 1998 game. Also in the combat system there is the possibility of combo techniques and even a system for upgrading the main character, which actually attracted me to the remake of this game. I also want to highlight the excellent rhythmic accompanying music in the project, under which it was a pleasure to pass splatterhouse.


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