The best games of 1999

The best games of 1999

1. Heroes 3. February 28, 1999

At the end of February 1999, the third part of a turn-based strategy with rpg elements was released. To be honest, this is the only strategy in which I played for hours with great pleasure. The player could lead a squad of warriors and travel around the game world, while capturing castles of various objects and extracting resources. One of the few exciting strategies that I really enjoyed playing through. In heroes 3 there was a sufficient variety of maps, many different heroes and warriors, where each had their own abilities, as well as several difficulty levels and quite good graphics.

2. Medal of honor. October 31, 1999

At the end of October, a first-person shooter about the events of World War II will be released exclusively on PlayStation 1. The game received critical acclaim and was named the best WWII shooter game. After all, this is understandable, since Steven Spielberg himself was responsible for creating the game. The action of the game’s plot took place from the period of 1944 to 1945, and the plot itself tells about the feat of the pilot James Patterson. On passing, the game included 7 missions which included 24 levels, and all of them were good, interesting and quite atmospheric in their own way.

3. Quake arena 3. December 2, 1999

At the end of 1999, a first-person shooter was released on computers, which was developed by id software. Compared to the previous parts of the series, this one (quake 3) was designed for a multiplayer game that included 4 modes, although the previous parts of the series were focused on the story. Simply put, in the third part there were gladiator fights between players, although it was also possible to play alone with bots. The game had a good dynamic combat system and quite solid graphics, if you take into account the fact that the game was released almost 22 years ago.

4. Silent hill. January 31, 1999

In early 1999, the second horror game (after resident evil) was released on the shelves, which completely changes this genre of survival horror games. Silent hill turned out to be quite atmospheric, interesting and unusual project, which for several years was included in the top of the best horror games and you can’t argue with that. Silent Hill used a third-person view and the locations were done in 3D. The game takes place in a fictional American city called “Silent Hill”.

5. Worms armageddon. January 25, 1999

On January 25, a two-dimensional turn-based game in an unusual genre – “artillery” – worms armageddon (something like angry birds) is released. The essence of the game was that the player controlled a team of eight heroes (worms) who participated in the battle against another team on the opposite side of the map. The player performed turn-based actions, where each team had only one turn and only one attempt. The combat mechanics of the game included a wide selection of different arsenal and firearms. Worms armageddon has gained great popularity among the players and received quite high marks from critics

6. Resident evil 3. September 22, 1999

At the end of September, the long-awaited sequel to the third-person horror resident evil 3 nemesis comes out. This time we were given a role for the heroine from the first part, Jill Valentine. According to the plot, she had to get out of the city at night, but throughout the entire journey she was pursued by a two-meter hunter with an RPG, thanks to which this project kept the player in suspense from beginning to end. The third part turned out to be quite atmospheric, with nice graphics and excellent accompanying music.

7. Dino crisis. July 1, 1999

In the summer of 1999, another project appeared, which was also devoted to the horror theme – Dino crisis. This project, with its gameplay, was somewhat reminiscent of the resident evil game series, because the dino crisis was from a third person, where the camera was fixed at specific locations, as it was in the resident evil series of games from 1 to 3 parts. We play as an agent girl named Regina, who fights against ancient dinosaurs. In addition to the storyline, the game had a great abundance of various riddles and puzzles, which I personally went through with great interest. The project was released exclusively for the playstation 1 game console, but this does not mean that the game can be played on a computer through an emulator.


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