Best Games of 2002

Best Games of 2002: Let’s remember what new games pleased us with their release in 2002. These projects are already 20 years old, and we play them to this day. In this collection, I decided to highlight several such game projects.

Best Games of 2002

Medievil total war. August 19, 2002

In the summer of 2002, another important strategy was released, which was remembered by many fans of this genre –  “medievil total war” . Compared to the game, warcraft is a turn-based strategy game with tactical combat. The player could create his own empire. also in the game there were two modes of passage, namely combat and global. I would like to add that the project itself is very interesting, the game has nice graphics and many different additions.

Splinter cell. November 18, 2002

At the end of 2002, one of the best third-person action games about special agent Sam Fisher comes out. The game’s story and style were curated by writer Tom Clancy. Basically, all the missions were built on the stealth component and passed with interest in the same breath. At the time, the project stood out for its combat and gameplay mechanics. The graphics of the game were also top notch.

Warcraft 3. July 4, 2002

In the summer of 2002, a very interesting and atmospheric real-time strategy appeared on the shelves, which would later become the top and most popular thanks to competent developers. The game received critical acclaim and rave reviews from players. The project had many pluses and almost no minus. I would like to highlight in the game an exciting gameplay, an excellent plot, a game atmosphere and a good style of the cards. Many players go through this wonderful strategy to this day.

gta vice city. October 27, 2002

In the fall of 2002, perhaps the most long-awaited project by the players, grand theft auto vice city, was released. This game is still played now, only with various mods and updated graphics. Even now this game is installed on my computer. I can safely say that this game is a legend and it “settled” in the memory of many players for a long time. This project had beautiful graphics and plot. This is exactly the game where you could not go through the storyline, but simply travel around the large game world. I would also like to note the excellent musical accompaniment, many interesting and different tasks and gameplay.

Medal of honor allient assault. January 20, 2002

In the first quarter of 2002, another part of a dynamic first-person shooter was released, which was also very popular among players, including me. By the way, this is the third game in a row, but the first to be released on computers. For that time, the graphics of this project were at the highest level, as they used the id tech engine. A very epic and interesting game, as well as its atmosphere, level design and musical accompaniment, it resembles that same childhood nostalgia.

Hitman 2 Silent assassin. November 18, 2002

At the end of 2002, the continuation of the sensational third-person action game called “Hitman 2” was released. We still played as “Agent 47” and performed various interesting tasks. The developers in the second part corrected all the shortcomings of the first game, as well as improved the graphics thanks to the modern engine. Improved disguise was also added to the game, making the passage more realistic. Personally, I can add that I really liked this project.

Soldier of fortune 2. May 22, 2002

One of my favorite first-person shooters, which even in those years could give odds to the game of call of duty. Even now, this game boasts of its artificial intelligence and story. This project has an excellent storyline, musical accompaniment and combat system. It really is one of my favorite childhood games and even now I’m ready to play it. In this project, I would like to highlight nice graphics, addictive gameplay and well-designed locations. I strongly recommend playing this game.


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