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Card games like the very classic Scopa are timeless and can withstand even the winds of the digital revolution. The thousands of people who every day try their hand at the transpositions of this glorious pastime for PCs, smartphones and tablets are a clear testimony of this.

What about you? Would you like to play a few games of the Scopa game for free ? If the answer is yes, please take a few minutes of free time just for yourself and try the free titles that I am about to tell you. There are for Windows and macOS, for Android and iOS but also and above all online. In all cases, it is possible to challenge both the computer and other players.

Then? May I know what are you still standing there? Get comfortable and start playing right away. In the end, you will see, you will be able to say that you are very happy and satisfied, I assure you! Are you ready? Yup? Good. Ban the chatter and proceed. Happy reading and, above all, have fun!


  • Game Scopa free online
    • King broom
    • Scopa Multiplayer
  • Game Scopa free to download for PC
    • Broom! (Windows 10)
    • Italian Card Games (Windows)
    • Chitarrella (macOS)
  • Scopa game free to download for Android and iOS
    • Scopa WhatWapp Entertainment (Android)
    • Scopa Pro (iOS)

Game Scopa free online

Do you want to have some fun with the free Scopa game without wasting time in tedious download and installation procedures? Then try your hand now with the online variants of the famous pastime that I have reported to you below. They can be used from any browser and operating system.

King broom

The first of the online titles that in my opinion you would do well to consider is Scopa King , the Scopa game made available, in fact, by King, the game manufacturer famous primarily for Candy Crush Saga . The version of the game is the traditional one and the graphics are really well done.

The only thing you need to consider is that to work it requires that Adobe  Flash Player be installed on your computer (in this regard, I suggest you read my guides on how to download Flash Player and how to activate Adobe Flash Player ) or you must use a browser that integrates it “as standard”, as in the case of Google  Chrome (for more information, read my guide on how to download Chrome ).

To start having fun, connected to the game’s web page , click on the Play now button and then on the Start game button , in order to start the game. When the game is running, in the lower right part of the screen you will find the controls to adjust the volume level, to mute (and reactivate) the music and to quit the game.

Note that the basic version of the game only allows single-player games to be played. To play multiplayer and challenge other users, you need to create a free account by registering on this page : just type your e-mail address, choose a password to access the site, check the box next to  I confirm that I am at least 13 years old and press the Register button .

At the end of the registration, go back to the game page again and start a test game with the King’s Jester by pressing the buttons  Practice with me , Play and Start game . Once the match is over, you will be able to participate in multiplayer matches and tournaments by challenging other members. Up for grabs are King points to be exploited in the various games available on the site.

Scopa Multiplayer

As an alternative to the online version of the Scopa I have already told you about, you can rely on Scopa Multiplayer . This is another Web transposition of the Scopa game, offered by FlashGames, which allows you to challenge other users, as can also be understood from the name itself. Even in this case, however, it should be specified, it is essential that Flash Player is installed on the computer used or that Chrome or another browser that integrates the plug-in is used.

To have fun with Scopa Multiplayer, visit its website  and, in the window with the game that you find by scrolling the page, click on  Play . At this point, you can choose to enter as a guest (by clicking on the appropriate button) and participate in training challenges against other guest users (to be chosen in special game rooms), first selecting your character and the cards you want to use and doing then click on the Continue button .

Alternatively, you can sign up for free to FlashGame, by clicking on the Register button and on the similar item located at the top right of the page that opens. To create your account on FlashGames, fill in the form that is proposed to you (with name, email, password, etc.) or click on the Facebook button and authenticate with your social profile data.

Game Scopa free to download for PC

Now let’s move on to what are the variants of the  game of Scopa free to download for PC . Below, in fact, you will find reported what I believe to be the most interesting and exciting solutions in the category for Windows and macOS .

Broom! (Windows 10)

If you are using a PC with Windows 10 installed , you can enjoy the Scopa game . Allows you to play the “classic” Scopa against the computer (without the need for an Internet connection) or against other players (online). It also has a well-curated interface and also includes advanced statistics.

To download Scopa! on your PC, connected to the relevant section of the Microsoft Store Online , press the Get button and, in the “real” Microsoft Store window that opens on the desktop, click the Get button again . When the download is complete, click on the Play button that appears on the screen. Alternatively, launch the game from the Windows Start menu .

Now that you see the Scopa window! on the desktop, to start a game against the computer click on the New game button , select the players, adjust the game settings via the menus below and press the Play buttons and Distribute .

If, on the other hand, you want to start a multiplayer game, select the Multiplayer Online button on the main screen of the game, log in to your Facebook account by pressing the appropriate button at the top right and press the Start Challenge buttons (to challenge one of the listed players) or Random opponent (to select a random opponent) that you find in bottom right.

Italian Card Games (Windows)

If you have a version of Windows older than 10 or if the game that I have reported to you in the previous lines did not impress you in a particular way, you can turn to Italian Card Games . As the name can easily guess, this is a collection of “made in Italy” card games with which you can have fun for free from your PC, without the need for an Internet connection. Among the various games available there is also the Scopa, which is why I have chosen to tell you about it in this guide of mine.

To download Italian card games on your computer, connect to the Internet site of the games collection and click on the Download button “Italian card games” . When the download is complete, extract the ZIP archive obtained in any Windows location and open the .exe file contained within it. In the window that now appears on the desktop, click on the Yes button and the Accept , Install and Finish buttons .

At this point, start the game library by double-clicking its shortcut added to the desktop or calling it from the Start menu . Now that you see the Italian Card Games window on the screen, click on Scopa , press the New game button (bottom right) and wait a few moments for the game to start.

If before starting the game you want to choose the deck of cards to use, you want to set your nickname and make various other customizations to the game, click on the Configure button (always located at the bottom right). To view the scores, click the Scores button instead .

Chitarrella (macOS)

Are you using macOS ? Then you can have fun with Chitarrella . Also in this case, it is a collection of card games including Scopa, Scopone and Scopone Scientifico. It hasn’t been updated for some time but continues to work perfectly even on the most recent versions of the Apple operating system. The user interface leaves something to be desired, that must be said, but it is practically one of the few free Scopa games for Mac.

To download Chitarrella on your Mac, connected to the collection website , click on the Download link located at the top left and then on the Softpedia link . In the new page that appears, then presses the Softpedia Secure Download (US) button .

When the download is complete, extract the ZIP archive just obtained in any macOS location, then drag the Chitarrella icon to the Applications folder on your computer, right-click on it and press the Open button , in order to start the game but to circumvent the limitations that Apple imposes on applications from non-certified developers (an operation that must be performed only at the first start).

Now that you see the Chitarrella window on your desk, click on the Archive item at the top left, on the words Scopa , Scopone or Scopone Scientifico (depending on the type of game you prefer) from the menu that opens and start your game.

I then point out that using the additional menus always present at the top you can make various customizations to the game. For example, you can change the deck of cards used, you can turn sound effects on or off etc.

Scopa game free to download for Android and iOS

And what about the mobile side? What are the best free Scopa game titles  to download for Android and iOS ? To find out, go ahead and read. You can find them indicated and explained right below. You can play it either alone or in multiplayer, with other users over the Internet. The choice is yours.

Scopa WhatWapp Entertainment (Android)

In an Android environment it  is really difficult to find a more complete game than  WhatWapp Entertainment’s Scopa . It works in multiplayer, includes many different decks of cards, various goals and allows you to have fun with both the “classic” Scopa and the Scopone. It also supports chat with opponents and various difficulty levels to choose from. Note that although it is free, it offers in-app purchases (starting from 50 cents) for the purchase of tokens to unlock additional content.

To download the game  on your device, connect to the relevant section of the Play Store from the latter and press the Install button and the Accept button (if necessary). Then start WhatWapp Entertainment Scopa by tapping the Open button that appeared on the screen or by selecting the relative icon that has been added to the drawer (the Android screen where the icons of all applications are grouped).

Now that you see the main screen of the game, press the Accept button to accept the relative terms and conditions of use and tap the I can play button (to skip the explanation of how the game works) or No, explain me (to learn or review the rules of Scopa).

Then, choose which deck of cards to use, press the Proceed button , tap the Play now button and select the available game table that interests you to start a single-player game. If, on the other hand, you want to play with your friends, press the Play with a friend button located at the bottom and log in to your Facebook account .

And if you want to adjust the game settings, just tap on the button with the gear that you find at the bottom right of the main game screen.

Scopa Pro (iOS)

If you have an iOS device , I recommend that you download Scopa Pro . It stands out for its extremely accurate graphics and has four levels of difficulty. You can have fun in both single-player and multiplayer modes (online or via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, with friends nearby) and it supports the iOS Game Center with detailed statistics, medals and leaderboards. Also of note is the excellent quality of the sounds and the ability to customize the appearance of the game table with various themes. The game is totally free, but includes advertisements that can be removed through in-app purchases (at a cost of € 3.49).

To download Scopa Pro on your iPhone or iPad, connected to the relevant section of the App Store from the device, press the Get / Install button , authorize (if necessary) the download via Face ID, Touch ID or password and, completed the installation procedure , start the game by pressing the Open button which in the meantime has appeared on the display. Alternatively, you can start Scopa Pro by pressing on its icon that has been added to the home screen .

Now that you see the main game screen, you can immediately start your game in single-player mode. To play with other users, on the other hand, press the Menu button at the bottom left and choose, from the menu that appears, the New Online Game option or the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth option . From the same menu, I point out that you can also access the game ranking and statistics.

If you want to choose a different difficulty level, select a different theme and make other customizations, just access the game options by tapping the Options button at the bottom right.


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