How to run in Fortnite

How to run in Fortnite: All your friends do nothing but talk about Fortnite , so you downloaded it, started playing it for a bit, but despite the time you spent in its world, you realized you weren’t comfortable with the controls. of the game. To be precise, you would like to know how to run in Fortnite and if it is possible to change the pre-assigned key. Don’t worry, the answer to your questions is just a few lines away.

How to run in Fortnite

During this tutorial, in fact, I will explain in detail what are the keys to press to escape and recover opponents in this famous online title. I will therefore explain how to run on the computer game, but also what are the keys to press on the other platforms for which the title is present: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android smartphones and tablets and iOS devices.

How to say Are you impatient to know what to do? Alright, in this case let’s not get lost in the conversation anymore and start right away to get to the heart of this guide. I wish you a good reading and, above all, have fun!

Preliminary operations

If you have recently started playing Fortnite, I assume that you are not yet familiar with the controls of the video game. If that is why you need to know how to run in Fortnite , you will be glad to know that I can help you, but before explaining in detail how to do it, it is necessary to make a brief but important premise: Fortnite is a video game available on PC for Windows and MacOS operating systems. and has also been released on the next generation Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles . In addition, it is also possible to play on android and iOS smartphones and tablets .

However, this title features two different game modes called, respectively, Save the World and Battle Royale . The first is a cooperative PVE game mode that is currently paid. It is a game style that belongs to the survival genre in which up to four players must defeat enemies together.

The Battle Royale game mode, on the other hand, is characterized by a free PVP map where the objective is to face the other players and where the last one standing is still the winner. The Battle Royale game mode is available on all the platforms mentioned above, while the so-called Save the World is available for purchase on PC and console only.

Also, I remind you that to play Fortnite online in Battle Royale mode on the Xbox One console you must have a subscription to the Xbox Live Gold service (prices start at €2). On PlayStation 4, however, there is no need to purchase a PlayStation Plus subscription.

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Run in Fortnite from PC

If you have problems running Fortnite on PC , don’t worry, I’m ready to explain in detail what to do to solve them. The first thing you need to do is launch the game client that you previously downloaded and installed on your computer. Then double-click the game icon on the MacOS Launchpad or Windows desktop, and by any chance the game doesn’t start automatically because the Epic Games launcher opens , click the start button , on the card Fortnite .

When starting Fortnite, select the game mode you prefer, by clicking on it (for example, press Battle Royale ), then press the ESC button , to enter the lobby . At this point, go to the game controls settings menu, to find out the key you need to press to run Fortnite and possibly change it, setting a different one.

To do this, click on the menu symbol ( ☰ ) that you can see in the upper right corner, then on the relative dropdown menu, press the gear symbol and you will access the configuration section. Now, click on the arrows symbol located in the tab at the top, to see the input card : through this screen you can see the list of game controls and the keys to which they have been assigned by default.

In this case, the key you need to execute in Fortnite is called a shot , and by default it maps to the Left Shift key . If you want to restore the default command, click the Left Shift wording and then press any key on the keyboard to set it.

Instead, if you have connected a controller to your computer, you can see the run button by pressing controller symbol , located on the top tab. The run command is also in this case the so-called shot . To run in Fortnite you must hold down the left movement stick key or, by pressing it twice consecutively, you can activate the autorun mode.

If you have changed the default assignments for the Fortnite keyboard commands (those related to the use of the controller cannot be changed), press the ESC button to return to the main menu, and in the displayed window click the item Save to confirm any changes made. Once a game has started, press the default key or the one assigned by you to launch.

Run in Fortnite from smartphones and tablets

If you want to play Fortnite from your smartphone or tablet, launch the downloaded Android or iOS game through the Fortnite Official Site or the App Store and after logging into your Epic Games account , press the lobby button to display the login screen. beginning.

When playing Fortnite on smartphones or tablets, it is not possible to customize the commands related to movement or running, so to know them, you have to start a new game, as they will be displayed on the screen.

To start a new game, press the game button located in the lower right corner: during the game you can see the list of commands at any time by pressing the Show guide button .

As you can see playing Fornite, to move you have to use the circular movement lever located in the lower left corner of the screen: keep this lever up to move and run. Also, by double-tapping the up arrow , you can activate the continuous and automatic mode of operation, which does not require you to hold down.

When this mode is active, the padlock symbol is present on the circular motion lever. To return to the previous running mode, double-tap this symbol.

Run in Fortnite from the console

Do you want to play Fortnite on console but, every time you start a game you find yourself in difficulty because you cannot chase your opponents? Don’t worry, running in Fortnite on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 is a snap as the auto-mapped keys are the same as those used in many other video games.

Without further ado, start the game by pressing its icon located on the home screen of the console, log in to your Epic Games account and start a new game through the game lobby

Done? Very well! At this point, to start running and chasing other players (or to escape from them), you just have to hold left movement stick . Do you want to activate the automatic travel mode to avoid always holding with your finger? Press twice on the left stick , to activate it. Easy, right?+

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