How to play Free Fire – Beginners Guide

How to play Free Fire: In this article I will teach you how to play Free Fire. Free Fire  is a free Battle Royale game developed by Garena. In  Free Fire , you land on a barren island. You search for weapons and resources that increase your chances of survival and then continue to eliminate other players; You win the game if you are the last remaining survivor.

How to play Free Fire

In 2019, Free Fire was the most downloaded mobile game and received the Google Play Store’s ‘Best Popular Voting Game’ award.

This guide is aimed at players who are new to the Free Fire game and want to learn the game from its basics.

How to download and install Free Fire?

Visit the Google Play Store on Android devices or the App Store on iOS devices. Find ‘Garena Free Fire’ and click ‘Install’.

The size of the application is around 570 MB. After installation, you will be prompted to create a guest account or link your account through Facebook, as this will save your profile to the game.

How to play Free Fire – Basics:

After getting off the plane in Free Fire, you will be on the hoverboard from where you can slide/fall to your preferred location on the map. The map has many points of interest that are worth visiting. Here is an image of the current map in Free Fire:

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After landing at any point of interest in Free Fire, you must search for weapons and other resources to maintain your health. An ideal loadout comprises a robust long-range weapon like a sniper and a close-range weapon like an SMG or shotgun.

After you get your loadout, start looking for sound and gunshot clues that will lead you to your enemies. Be patient with their fights as they may decide the fate of your survival.

There are also some other aspects to consider. One of them is EP (Energy Power), which is found on mushrooms throughout the Free Fire map. You can consume them to have a standby health bar that will slowly heal you if you take heavy damage suddenly.

Garena Free Fire is a character game. Choosing the right character according to your play style can make a big difference in matches. Therefore, always choose the character that suits and complements your style of play.

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