Some tips for Call of Duty: Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard is finally here! It brings an action-packed campaign, a variety of different multiplayer modes, and a grotesquely fun experience with zombies. With so much new content, you may wonder how to best approach certain elements of the game and especially how to quickly pass the levels. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your gaming experience.

Build on your strengths to gain experience

Whatever your level in Call of duty , you will have strengths and weaknesses to promote in the duty multiplayer mode . Playing to your strengths, while mastering new maps and weapons, will bring a better chance of success. If you’re nervous and precise, you might want to venture out on a dangerous side of the map on your own. If you are more of a slow and tactical player, it would be better to work with your team. Otherwise, find a comfortable place on the map to patrol. Remember that everyone is good at something. So figure out your strengths and use them. Moreover, you are aware that Call of Duty offers a very attractive and ideal gameplay for everyone.

Start the game from the campaign mode and study the maps of the game

Whether you’re a veteran or a new player diving into your first Call of Duty game , you can’t go wrong playing the campaign. This mode of Vanguard is not only a thrilling adventure but also a best way to get familiar with the overall mood of the game. In fact, Call of Duty series games like Black OPS , World War II and others feature a mode adventure-filled countryside. You will also discover many weapons that you will eventually use in multiplayer.

During the first few weeks after launching a new Call of Duty, you need to study map layouts diligently to improve your long-term stats. Even if you’re just a casual player, it helps to understand the structure of each map, including where its choke points are. You also need to master how to counter positions of power like sniper nests. By the way, it was announced that the shipment map will be added to Vanguard. Again, playing to your strengths is key to defeating the opposition. Then figure out which side of the map is best suited to your playstyle and stick to it when possible. a weekendfree: what better way to explore Vanguard’s maps in depth?

Combat Pacing can greatly improve your multiplayer experience

Vanguard ‘s brand new “Combat Pacing” feature lets you decide how many players you want to fight against in a match. The choice of tactical mode allows for traditional 6v6 confrontations, like those available in previous games. Assault mode increases the number of players up to 28. Finally, you can opt for real mayhem by selecting Blitz mode, which dots the map with up to 48 people.

Conserve extra lives in Champion Hill

Money management is a big part of Vanguard’s battle royale- inspired Champion Hill mode . You need to make conscious decisions about buying perks, single-use killstreaks, or long-lasting weapon upgrades. If you are late in the game, remember that you can spend money for an extra life. This might come in handy during the final fight. This trick is especially beneficial when facing a team that is already ahead. Thus, you have a fighting chance to emerge victorious.

Team up to succeed in Zombies mode

When you dive into the zombie mode of call of duty vanguard , you will notice the altar of alliances in the hub. Completing objectives throughout the match earns you Sacrificial Hearts, which you can redeem for a choice of three random alliances. Each pact brings a unique bonus, like higher melee damage or a chance to keep the gear even after using it. Purchasing these upgrades is essential to improving your build with every run. So be sure to pick alliances that work synergistically with your other perks. It allows you to become the ultimate zombie killer.

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