How to play Splatoon on LAN?

Splatoon is a famous shooter video game which was designed and offered by Nintendo. The first version of this game was released on July 21, 2017 and today it is in its third generation. There are indeed various ways to play Splatoon 2 or 3 today. Thanks to the evolution of new technologies, it is possible to play offline or in LAN (Local Area Network) mode. The game’s publishers have adapted it to this evolution to offer players an alternative to the online game mode. Find out here how to play Splatoon in LAN.

Take into account some prerequisites

To play splatoon 2 or 3 in LAN mode, you need a few prerequisites. These include all the accessories and devices you will need. Above all, you will need to connect a USB LAN adapter to the Nintendo Switch console. For this you will need to use a licensed accessory. For each Nintendo Switch console , you will need the following items:

  • the splatoon 2 game in downloaded or physical version;
  • an Ethernet cable;
  • an Ethernet adapter;
  • a Nintendo Switch docking station;
  • A television.

Also, you will need a wired router. The latter will link video game consoles through a wired connection. Depending on the number of consoles used, a network switch may be necessary to connect all the players . This is mainly valid for a multiplayer game . It should also be added that the LAN play feature can only be used if all Nintendo Switch consolesis connected to the same router. If there aren’t enough LAN ports for all of your consoles to plug into, you can connect a network switch to the router. This will further multiply the number of available LAN ports.

Once you have finished considering all the necessary prerequisites, you can play splatoon in LAN. First of all, it will be necessary to establish a wired Internet connection at the level of each console.

Create and set up the virtual game room

Once the connections are made, one of the players must be asked to set up a game room and host the game . From then on, you have to start Splatoon 2. Then, go to the Square of Chromapolis then click on the X button to scroll down the contents of the menu, before entering the Map section to choose Calamarcade. In this universe, you have to hold down the L and R buttons as well as the left lever.

After a few seconds, you should see the following message appear on the screen: “Preparing game in LAN mode”. Afterwards, depending on the game mode considered, you will have two options to select, namely Host Salmon Run or Host a private war. While you wait for other game participants in multiplayer modes , you will be able to adjust the arena and various other elements. To do this, use the options on the left side of the game room screen.

Invite players to join the game room

After having set all the options of your game room, you must then invite the other players to join it. At this level, you will have to repeat the same first steps as when creating the game room:

  • launch Splatoon 2;
  • go to Chromapolis Square;
  • select Calamarcade in the Map section;
  • display the message “Preparing to play in LAN mode”.


After this process, you will have to select the “Find a room” menu by clicking on the option. You should then see the name of the player hosting the Splatoon game. Select it and join the game by clicking “Yeah”.

The Splatoon game offline

Once the game room, the host and the other players are in place, the actual game of Splatoon in LAN mode can then begin. It is up to the host to compose his team by clicking on the corresponding button. The game begins when all the players have indicated that they are ready.

This local multiplayer game can accommodate between 2 and 10 players . However, there is also a “hero mode” that is played alone. From the start of the game, most of the players are racing straight towards the middle of the map. The challenge for each player will then be to push back the enemies, not to lose their map area and the game in general. Based on a few strategies, each player will seek to block the way to his opponent.

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