Top 3 wired controllers for Switch

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular game consoles in the world. Unlike the Switch lite, the use of controllers is essential for gamers who have adopted it. Between the panoply of wired controllers available on the market, it is not easy to make a choice. Are you considering getting a wired controller for your gaming moments? Discover here the top 3 wired controllers for Switch to make an informed acquisition.

Horipad, the best wired controller for Nintendo Switch

Horipad is considered the best Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch pro controller . Very comfortable, it is a pleasure to use thanks to its ergonomic design. With the best grip it provides, using it provides an incredible gaming experience. It has a very affordable functionality with the possibility of changing the D-Pad. It also has a detachable D-pad adapter and a Turbo function.

Its cable, which measures approximately 3 meters, allows you to play in the position of your choice without constraint. The other advantage of using the controller is that it competes with wireless controllers. The efficiency of its keys combined with the length of the cable helps to play with several people. In addition, the Horipad controller is sold at a very low price , which leads many consumers to favor it.

Hori Battle Pad Wired, wired renovation

The Battle Pad Hori is the second controller of this top 3. Made in a GameCube style, it is a controller that works wonderfully according to several opinions of Internet users. It is particularly different from other models by the layout of its buttons optimized for the Nintendo Switch. Its joystick buttons have anti-reverse operation, which increases its effectiveness in fighting games. It has an adjustable Turbo function at three different levels. The innovation on this controller is at the level of the keys designed to take a screenshot in the game. Large enough to facilitate manipulation, the keys of the Battle Pad are also very responsive. This allows you easier maneuverability. This way you are sure to enjoy the game .

As for the new functionality of the keys of this controller, you do not have to worry. You have the possibility to adapt it to your habits by modifying the functions. The Wired Hori Battle Pad also gives you a better grip in the grip thanks to its textured surface. This allows you to hold it well even during your succession of sudden movements during the game.

Thanks to its cable of about 3 meters, you can easily connect it to the Nintendo Switch . It is also suitable for replacing a Mario controller . It is a controller appreciated by many consumers. Its price in the market is far from expensive.

Nintendo Switch Wired Afterglow Deluxe Controller

The third wired controller on this top list is the Afterglow Deluxe Wired Nintendo Switch model . It is a controller with an incredible design unlike Horipad and Hori Battle Pad. It is designed with new prismatic LED lighting. With this feature, you not only have the choice of color for the controller, but also the option to play without the light.

Great fun, it has a headphone jack that supports game and chat soundscape with a shortcut command. It’s also a comfortable-to-grip controller with keys that respond effectively in-game. This lets you play games with a lot of fun. In addition, its long enough wire makes it possible to respect the recommended distance in relation to visual contact with the screen. The price of this controller according to Internet users who have already tested it is affordable, especially given the design it presents.

So make your purchase inspired by this top 3 wired controllers for Switch . However, take into account your preference and your tastes in order to enjoy playing.

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