Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming: Have you tried it yet?

The last episode of the cult Game of thrones series was launched in 2019. Already, the publisher Yoozoo has created a strategy and management game in honor of this series from the saga written by R. Martin. Games of Thrones: Winter is Coming is a free play game accessible to players from their computer’s browser. Find out what he says about this game.

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming: Presentation

It’s a strategy game that can be played for free online from your computer’s browser. You will be able to direct one of the main characters of the game thrones series such as: arya stark , John Snow, or even Daenerys. In game thrones-winter coming you have the choice to be a mage, a warrior or a seducer.

Once the character and your role have been defined, all you have to do is build your house, expand and train your army. It is also possible to form alliances to protect your lands in times of war. Games of Thrones: Winter is Coming is also a management game. When you win a city, you have to take care of it, supply it and protect it from enemies. You have the opportunity to improve your army by participating in quests. It’s not a very violent game .

It is a very fun challenge game with very special graphics that will bring you closer to the characters of the game of thrones series. On the other hand, it is much more favorable to players who work in groups than to solo gamers.

Game of Thrones Winter is coming: Learn how to rule the Iron Throne and make alliances

Like the television series, by embodying a lord in the game, you will learn to fight to try to reign on the iron throne. You will therefore have to create your army, fortify it and go to war against rebels, but also other players. You will be able to besiege emblematic castles such as:

  • Port-Réal castle,
  • Casterly Rock,
  • Winterfell.

The game of thrones promotes teamwork. Know that creating alliances is the first step to success in this game. Without an alliance, it will be quite difficult for you to continue or go far in Winter is coming. To finish the game, you will need the help of some commanders represented here by heroes of the series such as: Robb Stark, arya stark, or Jaime Lannister. However , be aware that these will be unlocked after having succeeded in certain quests or against hard currencies.

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming: Perfect Gameplay

In terms of gameplay, expect to see a classic strategy game. You will spend most of your time:

  • build and upgrade buildings;
  • train soldiers and send them to war in the lands near your land;
  • Do research in the fields of defence, economy or armament.


The fights are automated, giving you time to carry out other actions. There are also other very interesting game modes that will allow you to participate in interactive battles. It’s these little fights that set Games of Thrones: Winter is Coming apart from other similar games. You can choose the position of your commanders as well as their troop according to your enemy.

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming: Final Notice

Game of thrones: Winter is coming is a free strategy game that you can play directly from your computer’s browser. You also have the option to download it from the game’s official website . There is a lot to do involving building and managing kingdoms or waging wars for wealth, plunder or supremacy.

Unlike other strategy and management games, Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming stands out for its diversity and large player base. The game is fun, the characters well done. Everything is there to revive strategy game fans.

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