Comic Com Paris: what do you need to know?

As a fan of the seventh art and cinematographic actors, you will certainly have heard of Comic Con. It’s an event whose name has been making headlines on social networks lately, especially for its big comeback. Despite everything, many still ask crucial questions to know what it really is. In this article, explanations will be provided to allow them to have more ideas about this festival.

Comic Com: what is it?

Originally known as “c omic” which designates the name of American comic books and ”  con  ” as the convention, Comic Com is an event organized once a year to bring together the various actors of the cinematographic world.

It is a periodic gathering organized each year in the form of a fair or festival on televisions dedicated to pop culture . It is a festival founded by Shel Dorf as well as by a group of inhabitants of San Diego in 1970, a city of the United States in order to allow artists and their fans to meet physically.

As mentioned previously, the comic con is one of the cultural events organized each year to meet many prestigious guests. Now, the event is no longer just about comics. He got along over time in all areas of entertainment, namely:

  • action films
  • video games
  • TV series.

Added to this are toys (with very specific themes).

What to remember from the latest editions of Comic Com Paris

Since October 23, 2016, the comic con festival or the comic con edition has taken up residence in the great hall of the city of Paris. For the smooth running of this festival, many personalities are present as well as various actors and web stars.

Most of the time, Carice van Houten aka, the one who played the red witch in Game of Thrones is present at this gathering. She is not the only one during this pop culture festival . There is also Eliza Dushku, Baptiste Lecaplain, Oren Miller, Roy Thomas and Dominic Purcell. Cosplays are also expected.

In reality, without the presence of these different actors, con paris comic would have no influence. Thus, to honor the different actors participating in this gathering, a big contest is often organized to allow the winner to take part in the world final organized by ReedPop. By going to comic con paris YouTube , you will understand more about the details of these contests.

What about the 2021 edition?

The unmissable pop culture event is also organized in France. In Paris , this festival is considered the meeting point between actors, directors, authors, designers and film lovers.

Paris did not experience  comic cinema this year, an emblematic event in the world of superheroes. After its cancellation in 2020 due to the effects of the coronavirus, the organizers have prepared for its big comeback in 2021. It is still canceled this year due to the effects of this disease. This is even the real reason for the cancellation of this gathering.

Each year, the event attracts more than 130,000 visitors over three days. This generates about $10 million. Canceled, this festival therefore represents a big loss for its organizers.

To mark the 2021 summer edition, the hosts have set up a virtual edition to allow all viewers to follow the various announcements for its organization in 2022 even from their living room .

Each year, several film panels are announced by the organizers in order to give a first glimpse of the different cinemas that will join the dark rooms. Thus, for this year’s Comic com , the names of several films have been announced. Among these, we find The Walking Dead, Prison Break or Game of Thrones.

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