Will Metal Gear Solid 6 see the light of day?

While everyone is waiting for the return of the legendary stealth franchise, there is no official announcement so far on a possible return of Metal Gear Solid 6. Hideo Kojima and Konami do not give any news on their possible return. Meanwhile, thousands of players are growing impatient. What can we then concretely retain from the release or not of Metal Gear solid 6?

Metal Gear Solid 6 Release Date Unknown

Although Hideo Kojima has revealed since late 2020 a new release, no other information has leaked yet. Although he revealed that he is working on his new project, no news has yet followed. Still, his very last game Death Stranding was a big hit. The video game world still remembering Solid Snake , a few years ago, is wondering about the content of its new project. Sadly, after his announcement of creating the most terrifying horror game of all time, nothing followed. Many expect a new Silent Hill than a new Metal Gear.

Shortly before the release of Metal Gear Solid v Phantom : The Phantom Pain , tensions between Konami and Kojima were known to the public. Hideo Kojima therefore retired to create his own production company called Kojima productions. Today, it is difficult to foresee a better collaboration between the two. It was the most talked about divorce of the decade. Moreover, Kojima now promises to invest in the cinema. Some believe that Hideo Kojima saw Konami , his ex-employer, again. He admitted his wrong to push him out.

Metal Gear Solid 6 release date now far away

In September 2015, just before the release of The phantom pain , Konami announced its internal reorganization efforts. Following this announcement, the Kojima productions logo disappeared from Konami’s official website. Konami can no longer be found on Metal Gear 5 promotional materials . Kojima meanwhile left the company after this exit. To bring this dispute to the public, an internal report has been published by GameSpot. Another report published by Nikkei Asian. According to former employees, Konami banned former Metal Gear team members from using their experience with Konami on their CVs.

We could deduce that the two gaming giants did not part on good terms. Another source points to Kojima productions involvement in the upcoming PS5 Silent Hills reboot . We wonder if the two parties are close to reconciling for a new project. This is the only possible alternative for Kojima to work on both Silent Hills and Metal Gear  especially since Konami is the sole owner of both IPs. The same source informs that Sony would seek to buy the two companies. It is therefore unlikely that Konami will part with its powerful franchises if it takes into account its initial project. It follows that if Metal Gear Solid 6is to see the light of day, it would probably be led by Konami. However, at the current stage of things, it is impossible to envisage the company returning to franchising. No official source mentions it.

Another surprise instead of Metal Gear Solid 6

Till date, a return of Metal Gear Solid 6 has not been officially announced. However, there is no doubt that the team is preparing a surprise. It may be a new film that will rekindle the passion of the players. Some sources like VGC and Eurogamer inform us that Konami would have ordered a remake of Metal Gear solid 3. Anyway , the two giants could surprise their audience soon. For now, no one can say what they have in store for us.

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