Realme Book will be one of the first to support Windows 11

Realme has already given official confirmation that it will soon enter new markets for itself. And we are talking about tablets and laptops. Well, why not, in fact? We learned on smartphones, it’s time to develop in all directions! But we will talk about all this as soon as the official announcement of all this splendor happens. In the meantime, we will pay attention to the fact that Realme Book (the first laptop of the company of the same name) will run on Windows 11. How do you like that?

At the moment, no one has specified whether the laptop will run Windows 11 right out of the box or whether this magnificence will be available after an update. But what is important is that it has been officially announced that the laptop will definitely be compatible with the latest operating system from Microsoft. And this is already very good.

As a result, it turns out that even if Realme Book will not be on Windows 11 directly from the factory, it will in any case become one of the first (and maybe the first) device that will receive full access to the nextgen from Melkomyagkiye.

Unfortunately, so far no one has talked about the technical characteristics and features of the new laptop. But if you look at the teasers, we immediately understand what Realme was inspired by when creating their new brainchild. And then there will be no surprise, because everyone and sundry are inspired by Apple technology. In general, again mowed under the MacBook and all that. Well, this is no longer surprising. And Realme Book will, of course, compete with Xiaomi and Redmi products. And there is nothing new here either.

Well, on this, perhaps, you can end this article. Because there is nothing more to tell. Even the approximate date of the announcement of the Realme Book or some hint from the manufacturer has not yet been reported. We are looking forward to the latest news on this matter. And we will definitely tell you about them.


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