Microsoft Windows 11 is the best choice for PC gamers

Enhance your gaming experience, why Microsoft Windows 11 is the best choice for PC gamers

With windows 11 dive into the world of immersive gaming and explore the ground breaking features, gaming centric innovations, and enhanced performance that makes window 11 the ultimate choice for gamers. Enhance your gaming journey and discover a new level of excitement on the latest operating systems.

The new operating system received support for some features of the Xbox Series X.

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Microsoft has announced that the new Windows 11 operating system will bring some of the features of its Xbox Series X game consoles, making the OS a better option for gamers. The information appeared in the Tech Crunch edition.

It is reported that the new version of Windows will be able to support Direct Storage – which reduces the download speed in games. Microsoft did not name the system requirements for activating this technology. According to some reports, it will need an NVMe SSD to run it.

Another feature introduced in Windows 11 is Auto HDR. It will automatically activate high dynamic range if monitors and games support it.

It’s worth noting that the updated OS will also allow users to run Android apps and widgets on their PC. In addition, the developers announced an increased speed of work and greater optimization, due to which the amount of occupied space on the hard disk has decreased by 40%. The release of Windows 11 is scheduled for late fall or early winter this year.


is windows 11 better for gaming now?

In all tests windows 11 scores slightly higher but It shows slightly lower results when you are checking frame per second performance while playing specific games. But in other games FPS performance on window 11 is actually better.

Is gaming mode good in windows 11?

Yes, game mode in windows 11 is helpful in prioritising your game experience by turning things off in the background. You can easily turn off or on game mode in settings.

Will windows 11 support games?

Windows 11 automatically identifies HDR supported monitor and then enhance the colour of games which are built on direct X 11 or higher with dynamic range achievements.Auto HDR is the updated way for best gaming experience.

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