Msvcr71.dll: what is this error, how to fix, download on windows 7, 8, 10

Nowadays it is already impossible to imagine a person without a computer. We meet them absolutely everywhere, from houses to cafes and restaurants. Every other person has them, and everyone, without exception, knows about their existence. Indeed, it is so convenient when all the information in the world, any photo, any video, any photo that is freely available, you can get without leaving your home. And, of course, in addition to accessing the great web, the Internet has many more functions. You can type text, listen to music, draw, play – all thanks to this wonderful gadget. But in order for him to be able to fully perform all the functions presented, it is necessary to qualitatively monitor his condition. One of the main such components is the file manager. But often people, when they want to launch a new application,

In this article we will try to answer all questions regarding Msvcr71.dll: what is this error, how to fix it, download for windows 7, 8, 10.

Why does it arise?

The reason for this problem on your device is typed in the very name of the error. “This program cannot start because there is no Msvcr71.dll library.” Accordingly, to solve it, you just need to download this missing library.

Solution methods

This can be solved in two ways:

  1. download the library separately and place it in the desired folder on its own;
  2. download the complete package from the company.

Let’s talk about both methods in more detail.

Method 1

You can completely download the library itself and place it in the desired folder, but we do not recommend you to do so, because instead of solving one problem, you can download many others. It often happens that a virus is hiding under the guise of a file. Therefore, it is better to play it safe and still download the whole package than to go broke on antivirus software later.

Method 2

As for quality and safety, then everything will be arranged much easier for this. You just need to make a couple of simple points.

  1. Launch the original Microsoft website in the browser to the downloader page, you can do this using the link:
  2.  Select the language you need in this list (in our case, it is Russian).
  3.  Click on the “download” button.
  4. Next, the download will automatically start, after which you just install the library in the location you need.
  5.  Restart your computer.

After the reboot is complete, when you try to open the application you need, it will open easily. That’s all. Thanks for reading!

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