What does a computer consist of?

What does a computer consist of? Despite the fact that technological progress keeps up with the times, there are still people who are not only poorly versed in the computer itself, but also do not know what it consists of. In order not to be confused in terms for a long time, we will briefly talk about the main components of this device.

What does a computer consist of?

What does computer consist of? A typical user computer consists of a system unit, a monitor that comes in various diagonal widths, a keyboard for typing, a mouse for ease of use, and audio speakers for playing music.

However, the most expensive and important part is the system unit. Moreover, it is important not only to correctly and competently choose the filling of the system unit, based on consumer requests, but also to choose the best case for a PC , on which the quality, durability and strength of the operation of the computer itself depend.

More advanced users or people who use the computer as a working tool can additionally connect other devices to it.

It could be:

  • Printer;
  • modem;
  • scanner;
  • webcam, etc.

System unit device

The system unit of a computer is, in other words, the “brains” of the entire device. Without a well-chosen filling, a personal computer will slow down, take a long time to boot, and not play individual video or audio files.

What does a computer consist of:

Frame. This is a box inside which the entire stuffing of the brain is installed. It comes in small, medium or large sizes. A high-quality case should provide good ventilation, this fact cannot be ignored.

Motherboard or motherboard. This is the platform on which the main PC components are installed: video card, hard drives, processor, RAM. A large board allows you to place more slots on it, which increases the potential of the computer.

The processor or “heart of the PC”. Its task is to correctly process the incoming information and distribute it among the components. The power of the processor is determined by the frequency (in gigahertz) and the number of cores.

Cooling system. No less important component in the composition of the PC. The more the computer performs calculations, the more it heats up. There are two types of cooling – it is water, using a liquid, and air, using a fan.

RAM. A storage location where programs put their information for further processing by the processor. Memory is measured in gigabytes, the more the better. For example, there is RAM for 24, 8, 16, 32 GB.

Video card. This is the processor needed to perform calculations in games and graphics applications. It can be built into the motherboard or installed separately.

HDD. The main place to store all information: photos, videos, folders, files, documents, etc.

The system unit also includes:

  • CD / DVD / BD-ROM – discs for recording and storage;
  • power unit;
  • sound and network cards;
  • WiFi adapter;
  • connectors for connecting external devices.

As you can see, the computer has a pretty solid set of components. Learning them, or at least understanding what they are for, is the task of every aspiring computer genius.

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