Best Chinese Smartwatch: Buying Guide

Wandering the web, did you come across some Chinese smartwatches with an unknown name but with an extremely attractive quality-price ratio? It does not surprise me. Now even in the field of smart watches, Chinese manufacturers have made great strides and, as evidenced by the success of companies such as HUAWEI, Xiaomi and Mobvoi, their products do not have much to envy to those of Western companies such as Apple or multinational ones based in other Asian countries such as Samsung.

Of course, in the cheaper market segment, the one below 100 euros, you can still find old-fashioned “cinesoni”, that is, poor quality products that are not worth buying even for what little they cost, but the quality of the technological productions made in China in the intermediate market segments is decidedly higher than a few years ago. You will realize this very soon.

Now, however, let’s not talk too much and let’s go back to the reason why you are here today: Chinese smartwatches. Let’s see what are the features that you need to take into consideration before buying such a device and, if you like, let’s make a list of the best smart watches that Chinese manufacturers currently have in their catalogs. I bet you won’t struggle to find someone suitable for you!


  • How to choose a Chinese smartwatch
    • Size, weight and shape
    • Display
    • Components and sensors
    • Connection and autonomy
    • Operating system and compatibility
    • Accessories
    • Smartwatch, Sportwatch or Smartband
  • Which Chinese smartwatch to buy
    • Best cheap Chinese smartwatches (max 50 euros)
    • Best Chinese mid-range smartwatches (50-100 euros)
    • Best high-end Chinese smartwatches (over 100 euros)

How to choose a Chinese smartwatch

There are various features to look out for when buying a Chinese smartwatch . First of all, I would be very careful about the guarantee (we always talk about imported products that could be subject to different guarantee policies, therefore offer technical support other than European or Italian). Then evaluate all those characteristics on which you would focus by purchasing a more famous brand product: shape of the dial (circular or square), size / weight ratio, type of display, SIM support, operating system and so on. For more details read on, you will find everything explained below.

Size, weight and shape

The face of a smartwatch can be of various sizes and can be square or circular in shape . The choice, in this case, is purely subjective and has few repercussions on the use of the device, but usually circular displays are more elegant while square displays favor usability (as they allow you to view a few more elements on the screen).

Then take into account the quality of the construction materials of the watch, its strap and, if you deem it necessary for your use, check if the device offers resistance to water and dust . Keep in mind that water resistance is not infinite: there are a maximum number of meters of water and minutes that the smartwatch can withstand underwater. Once these limits are exceeded, the resistance of the device to liquid is no longer guaranteed.


This choice is quite delicate, and obviously depends once again on the needs and areas of use of the smartwatch. If you intend to use it only for fitness, a small display may be enough, while in the case of use in combination with the smartphone, displays of at least 1.2 inches are ideal. Smartwatch manufacturers equip these devices with various types of displays – most of them are OLED or AMOLED type , but many others use LCD . The first type ensures prolonged autonomy over time and proves to be very competitive in the rendering of blacks, always very faithful and profound. LCDs, on the other hand, usually perform better in the level of vision under sunlight. There are also technology-based smartwatches on the marketePaper , with displays similar to those of ebook readers (which ensure a very high degree of battery autonomy and can be seen perfectly under the sunlight), but in the current production of smartwatches made in China there are none of this type. It is useless to dwell further.

On the other hand, a feature that must also be taken into consideration in the context of Chinese smartwatches is the support for the always-on mode ; mode by which the smartwatch can always remain on in a mode that allows you to have the time and other contents (e.g. the counter with notifications to be read) always displayed on the clock face without consuming a lot of energy. In smartwatches that do not support the always-on mode, the display turns on only when the user moves his arm towards the face (thanks to the accelerometer inside the device) or when the display is touched with a finger.

Finally, evaluate the presence or absence of the brightness sensor . Thanks to this sensor, in fact, the smartwatch can realize the brightness level of the surrounding environment and automatically set the brightness of the screen so that it is appropriate to the situation. For me it represents an extremely important feature!

Components and sensors

Before buying a smartwatch, be it Chinese production or not, it is necessary to carefully analyze its technical specifications. It is in fact necessary to understand what type of sensors it includes and what type of performance it can guarantee. Here are the components and sensors you need to focus your attention on most.

  • Processor – is the “brain” of the smartwatch. Its power, which is expressed in Hz and can be divided between several cores, determines the speed with which the clock is able to carry out daily operations.
  • RAM – is the memory where the data of running processes and apps are temporarily hosted. The more there is (so the more GB of RAM there is), the faster the clock is in switching from one app to another.
  • Internal memory – the internal memory of smartwatches is used to store operating system data, apps and, in many cases, to store music to then listen to via wireless headphones (leaving the smartphone at home). Some smartwatch models also offer a microSD slot through which to expand the memory available for music or other data.
  • Speaker and microphone – the speaker is simply the speaker through which a smartwatch can emit sounds. The microphone is used to answer calls directly from the watch and / or to interact with the smartphone’s voice assistant. If you need a smartwatch that allows you to answer phone calls, buy one with a speaker and microphone.
  • GPS – if present, this component allows you to track the distances traveled in your sports activities without carrying your smartphone. Using GPS, however, know that it severely affects battery life.
  • Heart rate sensor – smartwatches equipped with this sensor allow you to monitor your heart rate.
  • NFC – this is the chip that allows you to make micro-payments and communicate instantly with other devices that support NFC technology.

Connection and autonomy

Usually these products work using the Bluetooth and WiFi connection . Thanks to these types of connections they connect to the internet to allow the user to browse or download mail or, again, read and envy messages on WhatsApp or other similar apps. Access to apps, depending on the type of smartwatch purchased, can be linked to the smartphone or be independent. Some smartwatch models, then, have a slot for installing the SIM that allows you to access the Internet and make phone calls in the absence of the mobile phone.

Battery autonomy is almost always between 1-2 days, but of course this is a parameter that is subject to a number of variations and usage habits. However, I advise you not to go below 100 milliampere hours (mAh), which is the unit of measurement in which the battery capacity is expressed.

Operating system and compatibility

Chinese smartwatches can be equipped with proprietary operating systems , with modified versions of Android for smartphones or with WearOSwhich is the version of Android designed specifically for wearable devices. In all three cases, compatibility is almost 100% guaranteed with all smartphones equipped with Android 4.4 and later (so you can receive notifications from your phone and answer calls). As for iOS, therefore the iPhones, compatibility is almost always ensured with watches that are equipped with a proprietary operating system or Android WearOS but with limitations with respect to the functions accessible on Android smartphones. Another important thing to underline is that many smartwatches equipped with a proprietary operating system do not interact directly with the apps installed on the smartphone (they only receive notifications from the latter) but include autonomous apps, which allow you to reply to messages,

Accessories and customization

Many smartwatch users like to be able to change the band . In many cases they do it for a question of fashion or aesthetic appearance, in others for more utilitarian reasons. The straps, in fact, can wear out, or the standard one may not be suitable for certain types of actions, such as going under water because it is not waterproof . In the long run you get tired of always having the same strap and it is important to be able to change it with a completely different style, possibly without spending a fortune.

Personalization is also important at the software level, so before buying a smartwatch make sure that it allows you to change the appearance of the dial according to the user’s tastes.

Smartwatch, Sportwatch or Smartband?

Before buying a smartwatch you need to be clear about this distinction. Are you basically interested in a device that helps you better manage your fitness or are you a sedentary person, who mainly intends to have a device that interfaces in a different way with the smartphone? The traditional smartwatch, in fact, helps you above all to view and reply to emails and messages, manage calls and social networks, directly from your wrist. If you need a device dedicated to sports activities, I suggest you opt for a sportwatch , that is a smartwatch with functions and sensors dedicated exclusively to sport, or a smartband, that is a fitness bracelet with smart functions that allows you to keep track of physical activities by offering statistics on the steps taken in a day, on the distance traveled, the calories burned and the heart rate etc.

There are very cheap fitness bracelets, others more expensive with advanced features like the heart rate tracker. The latter, above all, could be more precise, an element that you have to take into great consideration, because the lack of precision could make the training not so effective. Then, the fitness bracelets must be comfortable, because otherwise they disturb during physical activity. Fitness bracelets usually outperform smartwatches in terms of battery life, but are also heavier and bulkier to use. But there are also those devices that do both well, blurring the line between the two categories a lot.

Which Chinese smartwatch to buy

If everything is clear so far, I would say that we can put aside the chatter and move on to the cloud part of this buying guide, that is, to the list with the best Chinese smartwatches currently available on the market.

I recommend, if you decide to buy a watch from a store that imports directly from China, inform yourself about the customs duties , the product warranty and the language of the operating system with which the device is supplied. I would not like you to find yourself with nasty surprises in this regard.

Best cheap Chinese smartwatches (max 50 euros)

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 (smartband)

I’ll start immediately by suggesting you a smartband that has long become a must have for those who want to spend little but still want to have all the parameters at their “wrist” true. I speak in this case of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5the smartband par excellence that has changed little in design over the years but has seen an evolution in its characteristics. It is not the latest version but it has an advantageous price especially for its quality / price ratio. Here you will find a 1.1 ″ AMOLED color display (resolution of 126 × 294 inches) with fairly small bezels. It always has a silicone strap which, however, does not create allergy problems even with use during physical activity and therefore with sweat. Many sensors that allow monitoring the level of oxygen in the blood, sleep monitoring, of stress with breathing exercises and still monitoring of the heart rate as well as the health of the woman and the possibility of controlling up to 11 sports activities including swimming (since it is certified to reach a depth of 5ATM). Battery? Up to 15 days without energy savings and up to 25 days with energy savings. It connects to Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth which is version 5.Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Activity Smart Bracelet, Activity Monitor, Black

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 (smartband)

There is also the latest version of Xiaomi’s smartband. That is the new Xiaomi Mi Band 6which does not change much in terms of aesthetics but which increases the size of the display and clearly improves its performance. Data sheet in hand you should know that the new Xiaomi smartband now has a 1.56 ″ AMOLED display with 49% more usable surface than the previous one. It reads better since it has a density of 326PPI and the brightness is also increased. To improve is also the ability to monitor many more things starting from 30 training modes including Pilates and Zumba with the calculation of calories burned as well as monitoring the heartbeat, oxygenation in the blood and even sleep. the quality of breathing and the parameters for a woman’s cycle. The strap is further improved by becoming Antibacterial but always in silicone and easily replaceable. There is resistance up to 5ATM in water for use even in the swimming pool or in the sea and then the battery which is always maintained for at least 14/15 days without energy savings. Improved the connection with the smartphone which can be both Android and iOS. And there is also the version with NFC to pay also with the smartband.

HONOR Band 6 (smartband)

HONOR Band 6continues to be a really interesting smartband if you want to keep yourself in this price range. Here you will find a comfortable 1.47 ″ vertically elongated display capable of displaying at least 148% more than traditional fitness trackers. What I like about this smartband is undoubtedly its proprietary operating system but which integrates perfectly for everyone: those who want to do fitness, those who just want to walk and keep fit and those who just want to monitor their sleep or the steps they take every day. . There are sensors for everything: blood oxygenation monitoring, heart rate, sleep tracking with the various phases but also 10 training modes with real-time monitoring for activities such as running, biking or even swimming in the pool and many more other. Yup, it is also clearly water resistant up to 5ATM. Moreover, you can rely on the battery since it will always allow you to exceed 15 days and with the fast recharge in 80 minutes you can have the smartband already on your wrist.

HUAWEI Band 6 (smartband)

Similar to that of HONOR I also propose the HUAWEI Band 6which is also characterized by the presence of a rectangular-shaped display vertically elongated by 1.47 ″ and AMOLED type that allows viewing of contents even in direct sunlight thanks to an important brightness. Here, there are many sensors that, coordinated with the software developed by HUAWEI and called Truseen 4.0, are able to recognize beats in real time with precision, but also detect sleep with the various phases including the REM one and still measure oxygenation in the blood. Lots of watchfaces present that will guarantee you a different aspect of the smartband every day and then again a replaceable hypoallergenic silicone strap, possibility of connecting it to Android or even iOS smartphones and then also certification for use in water. Battery? Over 2 weeks with heavy use and with active notifications.HUAWEI Band 6 Smart Band Fitness Tracker, 1.47 “AMOLED Touchscreen at C …

Idearoyal Smartwatch

In this price range, less well-known smartwatches are also interesting. First of all this Idealroyalwhich is characterized by a design in line with other more popular smartwatches. The display is rectangular capable of displaying all types of notifications and information. It is a fitness smartwatch and you can see it from the ability to monitor sports data and parameters such as pace, calories, speed, distance and even sports times as well as heart rate and sleep. A smartwatch that goes to the point but also allows customization with over 100 dials to get the information that will please you the most. And then again there is the possibility of receiving all kinds of notifications from messages to reminders, also passing through calls thanks to the connection with the smartphone (Android and iOS) via bluetooth. No problem for the battery because you can even exceed 30 days on one charge.

Best Chinese mid-range smartwatches (50-150 euros)

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

Let’s start the upper price range by considering an excellent Amazfit GTS 2 Miniand the reason is obvious: quality at a very reasonable price. Meanwhile, it has a large 1.43 ″ rectangular AMOLED screen always active in HD resolution. The glass is 2.5D curved and this allows you to make it more elegant on the wrist. Lightness is another feature of it with only 19.5 grams of weight and with a thickness of only 8.95mm. What can it do? All! There is the classic monitoring of sleep quality, heart rate but also the level of stress and blood oxygenation. Not just the possibility for women to monitor their cycle. In addition to this it is useful for sports activities and you will be able with it to monitor over 70 sports with also the certification for water resistance up to 5ATM. The battery life is high that is up to 14 days without any kind of energy saving.

Amazfit GTS 3

Latest version of the Amazfit GTS series: Amazfit GTS 3 which in this version also winks at the female audience. What will you find here? Meanwhile, a better construction with a well-made case and above all an AMOLED Ultra HD quality display with the possibility of always on Display. It is rectangular but very wide since it measures 1.17 inches and thanks to the new generation ZeppOS ecosystem, it will allow you to have over 100 different dials on your wrist for all kinds of information. There are all kinds of sensors for activity monitoring (over 150 sports activities) but there is also Alexa as an offline voice assistant and still powerful navigation system with GPS and Glonass, Galileo BDS and QZSS. In addition, a battery that allows a duration of at least 12 days with a single charge.

Amazfit GTS 3 Smartwatch Fitness Smart Watch with Bluetooth, …

Amazfit T-Rex

If you want a strongly sporty smartwatch, the one for you is undoubtedly the Amazfit T-Rexthan with its large silicone strap and its case with screws and military resistance. The smartwatch has 12 certifications according to military quality standards. These allow it to resist up to 70 ° C or -40 ° C with up to 240 hours of resistance to humidity. As for the display you can settle for a 1.3-inch AMOLED color screen with all kinds of watchfaces for information. You can use it for over 20 days on a single charge and even up to 66 days with notifications blocked. There is clearly the integrated high-precision satellite GPS and then again every type of sensor for monitoring from high-precision heart rate to various tools for forecasting the weather, reminders or even all notifications from smartphones (Android or even iOS) .


With HUAWEI Watch GT 2 we go up in price but we also go up on the technical and stylistic quality of the smartwatch. Here you are faced with a smart watch that has a very similar appearance to that seen with a normal watch. Circular aluminum case with a high quality 3D glass dial for strength and visibility. The panel is a 1.39 ″ AMOLED with a 46mm case. And then? There is the processor which is the Kirin A1 which always manages everything perfectly with speed and lightness, allowing you to monitor any type of parameter that is physical or even information as for notifications. Indeed, on the sport side, you will have the possibility of over 15 different training modes. And then even the battery will never leave you on foot with even over 14 days of autonomy.

HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Smartwatch 46 mm, Battery Life up to 2 Weeks …

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Xiaomi Mi Watch

There is also Xiaomi in this price range that offers the Xiaomi Mi Watch a smartwatch that is beautiful to look at and with interesting specifications. Meanwhile, know that it has an AMOLED HD type display with 1.39 ″ diagonal (326PPI) and with a circular form factor typical of wristwatches. It is water resistant (up to 5ATM) and this will allow you to take it with you to workouts in the pool or in the sea. There are over 117 training modes loaded and the ability to monitor any type of sporting activity with heart rate monitoring, the amount of oxygen in the blood and even sleep. Over 100 watch faces for customization and a battery that can allow you to use the smartwatch for over 16 days on a single charge.

TicWatch Pro S

Finally, I also propose the TicWatch Pro S a smartwatch that comes close to the design of classic non-smart watches but which has a prestigious technical data sheet on its side. Meanwhile, I leave by telling you that its circular display is of the AMOLED type and allows viewing anywhere as well as an enviable resistance since there is a Gorilla Glass 3 glass and a carbon fiber case reinforced with high resistance nylon and IP68 certifications. In addition to this, you will be able to monitor everything from 13 sports workouts to integrated GPS, to the total heart rate and then also to the measurement of oxygenation and movement during sports activities. There is Android Wear which allows notification of everything and the battery can last from 2 to 5 days.

Best high-end Chinese smartwatches (over 150 euros)

HONOR Magic Watch 2

There is also HONOR Magic Watch 2similar to the brother of HUAWEI both in features and in price and design. Also here 46 mm aluminum case with leather strap. The watch allows you to measure oxygen saturation levels in your bloodstream so you can gauge how your body is adapting during workouts or at high altitudes. Not only because on a technical level there is a Kirin A1 processor that allows you to process data faster, consuming less energy for the same results. Support BT-UHD and Bluetooth 5.0 audio. Clearly it allows you to monitor all types of activities but above all also the heartbeat through an intelligent algorithm and then also sleep, calories, steps, distances and the level of oxygenation of the blood. Through the application it can be connected to the smartphone whether it is Android or iOS.

HONOR Watch GS Pro

Mighty the HONOR Watch GS Pro that will allow you to use it for more extreme sports activities. Battery life is at least 25 days but guarantees tracking of at least 100 sports modes with 14 military standards. There is the MIL-STD-810 military certification and even the GPS “Route Back” function which guarantees that those who use it can always find their way back. The display is large because of 1.39 “AMOLED type with internal touch screen and with animated dials that guarantee all kinds of information. There is the altitude barometer and compass as well as a mode for monitoring bad weather as well as all the various sensors for heart rate, sleep or even stress.

TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra

I start with this smartwatch the most expensive section. It’s the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultrawhich on its side has a design that is both elegant and sporty at the same time. The dial is circular with the presence of a fake bezel capable of making the watch more massive to the eye. It has 1GB of RAM but also 8GB of internal memory for storage. It is USA 810G certified and this means that you can use it anywhere because it is certified to the military standard and therefore difficult to break. Autonomy is declared to be at least 72 hours with a single charge and up to 45 days in Essential mode. The watch will allow you to monitor anything from notifications to heartbeat or even other physical parameters. The operating system is WearOS that is Android but the smartwatch can be combined with both a smartphone with iOS and Android.Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS Smartwatch Qualcomm SDW Smart Watch …

TicWatch Pro 4G / LTE

I start with this smartwatch the most expensive section. It’s the TicWatch Pro 4G / LTEwhich on its side has a design that is both elegant and sporty at the same time. The dial is circular with the presence of a fake bezel capable of making the watch more massive to the eye. It has 1GB of RAM but also 4GB of internal memory for storage. It is USA 810G certified and this means that you can use it anywhere because it is certified to the military standard and therefore difficult to break easily. Autonomy is declared to be at least 5 days on a single charge and the watch will allow you to monitor anything from notifications to heartbeat or even other physical parameters. The operating system is WearOS that is Android but the smartwatch can be combined with both a smartphone with iOS and Android. And don’t forget 4G network support.

Amazfit Stratos 3

Mighty and resistant is also the Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 3featuring a 1.34-inch transflective circular MIP display with a wider field of view and good readability even in direct sunlight. Perfect for those who ask for more in terms of technicality as it allows three combinations of global positioning systems (GPS + Beidou, GPS + GLONASS, GPS + Galileo) thus improving positioning speed and tracking accuracy. Very interesting is the endowment that sees official Firstbeat algorithms, used by professional sports teams. These provide professional data that allows you to greatly improve your exercise capacity while avoiding the risk of injury from over-training.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

Beautiful and elegant is also the Amazfit GTR 3 Proarrived on the market not long ago but with an aspect that has certainly captured the attention of those who want an elegant smartwatch on their wrist but also just as useful and well made. Here is first of all a 1.45 ″ AMOLED Ultra HD display with 331PPI resolution. Exemplary construction with simplified touch navigation crown and with the possibility of monitoring everything: heart rate, blood oxygenation SpO2, stress level and even respiratory rate. Not only is there also the quality of sleep, with breathing and also the analysis of the maximum oxygen consumption during a sporting activity. There is clearly high-precision GPS and over 150 activities that you can track as well as Alexa as an offline voice assistant. Resistance to 5ATM in water and still battery for over 12 days.

OnePlus Watch

OnePlus also took the field with a smartwatch or the OnePlus Watch. Aesthetically very beautiful even if with classic and non-sporty lines. The display is 46mm circular with tough yet curved glass for best usability as well as beauty. Its specifications see over 110 sports workouts that can be easily monitored and clearly monitored with any type of sensor for heart rate 24 hours a day but also sleep, stress level and much more including blood oxygenation. Not only because there is the possibility to monitor walks as well as runs and workouts. The battery is certainly an advantage of this smartwatch because it guarantees over 14 hours of duration with the possibility above all of having a full charge for a whole day in 20 minutes. There is Bluetooth 5.0 for the connection that can be made with Android and iOS.

HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Pro

The new HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Proit is undoubtedly one of the most performing Chinese smartwatches but also the most aesthetically beautiful. Its circular dial is resistant to wear thanks to the presence of the sapphire crystal and the titanium frame for a light and solid design. The polished ceramic back case is not only attractive but also luxurious. Clearly there is maximum efficiency and power with a latest generation processor but also every type of sensor for monitoring parameters such as heart rate, average speed, maximum slope, track and distance for cross-country skiing, skiing and snowboard on the slope. There is also support for precise data tracking for over 100 training modes, including 17 professional modes and 85 custom modes. There is even the new Golf Driving Range mode that can intelligently analyze the swing posture and provide reference data to improve. As always, also excellent autonomy that allows the battery to last up to 2 weeks on a single charge. With 5 minutes of fast wireless charging, you have 10 hours of use. And in the absence of battery it also supports reverse charging from the phone.

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