PUBG voice chat not working: how to fix the problem

Many Xbox One players and some PC users have faced a major issue where PUBG voice chat does not work, making it difficult to talk to and hear allies during a match. The error causes inconvenience, since the voice chat stops working altogether, or is activated only for a short period of time. A bug that hinders communication in PUBG causes discontent among players, preventing them from communicating with allies and coordinating general actions when moving around the map. Many users face this problem. We explain the causes of the problems and the procedure for eliminating them.

Troubleshooting voice chat problems

It is currently unknown what exactly caused the problem with the PUBG voice chat . The official Twitter account of the game has already announced the start of work on the problem , so we expect positive changes in the near future. The list of recommendations is very small. For example, try solo mode without worrying about communication. If you prefer to play alone or as part of a team, and the current issues are causing you inconvenience, the best way to avoid the issue is to use a third-party communication service such as Discord. Good luck! We continue to monitor updates to the PUBG workflow and will update you as soon as possible.

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