Best Clash Royale combos

If you are a mobile gaming lover, surely you will be having a lot of fun with Clash Royale , a video game developed by Supercell that features fast and seemingly simple gameplay. In reality, though, as you probably know, there are tons of layered mechanics hidden beneath the accessible surface.

Precisely this is the aspect that made you fall in love with the game, so much so that you are trying to understand which are the best combos in Clash Royale . Don’t worry: you have come to the right place, as I am going to delve into a good number of combinations that are usually appreciated by the community.

What do you say? Are you ready to land a devastating combo for your opponent? If you can’t wait to do it, just get comfortable, take some time and follow the quick directions below. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • Best Clash Royale combos
    • Giant and Witch
    • Golem and Night Witch
    • Freezing and Tamer of wild boars
    • Cloning and Lava Hound
    • Giant Skeleton and Tornado
    • Other great combos for Clash Royale

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of what I believe are the best combos in Clash Royale , you may be interested in knowing more about the importance of combinations in the context of the gameplay of the Supercell title.

Well, you must know that the games of Clash Royale are about being able to destroy the enemy towers , in order to obtain the coveted crowns , as well as the victory. To do this, you must obviously be able to do as much damage as possible , before the enemy does.

In this context, it is necessary to choose the right cards . I have already explained the importance of all this in my guide to the best decks for Clash Royale (in this regard, you might also be interested in seeing my tutorial on how to create a deck on Clash Royale ), but here I will focus instead on combos , or two cards that combined can give excellent satisfaction.

The goal is to place characters on the field capable of supporting each other , thus achieving their goal. In short, you understand that this is a mechanic that can be particularly useful if you want to win as many games as possible.

In any case, you can consider this tutorial as a sort of extension of my guide on how to improve on Clash Royale , so maybe you might be interested in consulting it before proceeding.

Best Clash Royale combos

Now that you are aware of the importance of combinations for what concerns Clash Royale, I would say that the time has come to take a look at some interesting possibilities that over the years have guaranteed excellent satisfaction to fans.

Please note : Clash Royale is a constantly updated title , so the Arenas to which cards can be unlocked or other factors may vary from moment to moment.

Giant and Witch

In a popular parody of Fabio Rovazzi’s “Tutto Molto Interessante” song by Grax , reference is made to a specific combination: the Giant with the Witch .

You’ll forgive me for this atypical example, but Solo Combo Col Gigante’s over 20 million YouTube views can’t go unnoticed – the Clash Royale community loves this combination .

On the other hand, the combo is devastating: if the other player is not familiar with the advanced defense methods that can be used in the Supercell game, his towers will probably succumb in no time at all.

The technique is very basic: the Giant has many hit points , while the Witch can offer support . In particular, the opponent’s focus on the Giant is exploited to guarantee the Witch the right time to summon the skeletons , who will therefore join the party.

The Giant can be obtained starting from the Proving Ground , while the Witch can be unlocked in Arena 5 .

Golem and Night Witch

Breaking the tradition of “Solo Combo Col Gigante”, I am going to recommend a combination that some would probably define useful in an extravagant deck: the Golem with the Night Witch .

The first can be unlocked in Arena 10 , while for the second you need to focus on Arena 14 . Generally this combo is therefore used in slightly more advanced arenas .

Despite this, the basic principle is actually very similar to the Giant with Witch combination we discussed earlier , in that you pair a high hit point character with a supportive one who can deal a lot of damage .

Of course, this is not a foolproof combination given its vulnerability to flying troops , but if well placed it can definitely turn the game in your favor.

Freezing and Tamer of wild boars

Clash Royale card combinations are often thought of simply as two characters supporting each other. However, it is important to remember that spells exist .

In this context, the Freeze , which can be obtained in Arena 8 , can be particularly intriguing to use, as it can effectively block enemy units for a while . Net of the intriguing defensive possibilities that can derive from the use of this card, there are also offensive ones. On the other hand, there are not a few who consider it one of the best Clash Royale combos for Arena 8 .

The reason? I am thinking for example of the use of the spell in combination with the Tamer of wild boars , which can be had from Arena 5 . The character is in fact designed to target the opponent’s towers , so freezing the enemies that defend the latter, even for a short time, can be an excellent opportunity to inflict a lot of damage .

Cloning and Lava Hound

If you plan on aiming for more advanced Arenas, one combination that might appeal to you is the one made up of the Cloning spell and the Lava Hound .

The first card, which can be unlocked in the Legendary Arena , is in fact able to clone troops . While clones have a single hit point, this can come in handy in multiple contexts.

Why is it generally recommended to combine Cloning with the Lava Hound , a character that can be obtained from Arena 10 ? Simple: the clones retain the properties of the original troops and the Lava Hound once defeated is able to split into 6 pups that inflict a lot of damage.

Put simply, when the clones are defeated , they will still spawn the pups . In that context, the opponent could find himself in particular difficulty in the face of a doubling of troops.

Giant Skeleton and Tornado

I know: in this guide I have indicated several combinations that make use of a tank, or a character that has several hit points. However, so far I have recommended pairing a card of this type with a supporting character, but it is good to know that a combination with a spell can also be interesting.

In fact, using the Giant Skeleton (Arena 4) and the Tornado (Legendary Arena) together can be an intriguing idea. The reason is that the Tornado spell can draw various defensive troops to it , displacing them and obviously dealing damage.

This means that the Giant Skeleton can potentially act undisturbed for a while thanks to the use of the Tornado. Put simply, this combination can grant the tank more freedom of action, perhaps allowing the Giant Skeleton to reach the enemy tower.

I remember that the latter character drops a bomb capable of doing further damage when defeated. So you’ve probably got the point: the closer the Giant Skeleton is to an enemy tower , the better.

Other great combos for Clash Royale

In addition to the combinations mentioned above, clearly the layered gameplay of Clash Royale allows you to field other strategies as well .

To give you more concrete examples, below you can find further combinations that you may find intriguing.

  • Golem (Arena 10) and Archers ( Proving Ground ): the first card has high hit points and can do a lot of damage, while the second can obviously act as a support.
  • Hot Air Balloon (Arena 6) and Woodcutter (Arena 14): A flying troop alongside a high-damage melee troop? Who knows what could go wrong with the enemy towers.
  • Giant (Test Field) and Bomber (Arena 2): The Giant’s high hit points are combined with the Bomber’s bombs. The latter can wipe out possible Barbarians and Archers, leaving the tank free. Definitely one of the best Clash Royale combos for Arena 2 .
  • Miner (Arena 4) and Bats (Arena 5): This is a strategic combo, as the miner can be used as a surprise tank. While the enemies are busy, the bats may do some damage.
  • Barbarian Hut (Arena 14) and Goblin Hut (Arena 9): why on earth use these cards together? Simple: the continued generation of enemies could very soon shift the balance of the game, in your favor of course.

In short, Clash Royale offers many possibilities in terms of combinations. Of course, a balanced title is clearly referenced to make the gameplay competitive, so in reality none of the combos mentioned are really unbeatable . However, as you can see, there can be a lot of strategy behind a win as well .

For the rest, as mentioned above, a lot depends on your style of play , as well as obviously on the deck at your disposal. You should therefore not take these indications as definitive, as there are many variables that can affect the choice of the right combo, but the information contained in this guide can certainly make you think about some combinations that you may never have thought too much about.

For the rest, since you are a fan of the Supercell video game, I think it might interest you to take a look at the page of my site dedicated to Clash Royale , where you can find many other tutorials . The latter can in fact potentially allow you to further improve your performance.

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