How to see who unlikes on Instagram

Many of the likes on the post you published a few days ago on Instagram (and which was definitely appreciated by your followers) have disappeared into thin air, or so it seemed to you when you happened to review the latter on the home page of the social network in question. Since the “hearts” left on the post were really many and you do not remember the exact number, you would not be able to say with certainty if this your assumption is really founded or not.

Wait, let me guess: you’d like to know just how to see who likes Instagram likes , right? Yeah, I figured. Unfortunately, I must inform you that, at the moment, the well-known social network of the Meta group does not allow you to receive notifications or other warnings when a user decides to remove the Like previously added to one of their posts. You can, however, “manually” check the appreciation expressed by other users for your content and deduce from this activity whether some users have removed the like. Would you like to find out how? Well then read on.

In this regard, an important premise before continuing: beware of all those external applications and solutions that promise to make it possible to view or receive notifications for likes removed from Instagram. In fact, these means, in addition to not working, expose your privacy to potential risks and often turn out to be real scams (they can even lead to the suspension of your Instagram account for a certain period of time). Is everything clear so far? Very good! Then I would say that the time has come to get down to business. Have a good reading!


  • See who unlike them on Instagram: smartphones and tablets
  • See who is unliking on Instagram: computer

See who unlike them on Instagram: smartphones and tablets

Do you use the Instagram app on Android or iPhone and would like to know how to see who dislikes on Instagram ? In this case I will show you immediately how to check the list of “hearts” present on your posts: in this way you will be able to realize if any likes “are missing”.

First, therefore, start the Instagram app and go to your feed by pressing the icon of your profile photo that you find in the lower right corner. In the next screen, at the bottom, you can view all the posts you have previously published on your profile: open the one you want to like by tapping on its preview .

Under the image or video you have just opened, then click on the words Other [number] people : in this way you will be able to access the section where all the likes of the post are shown. Examine the list you see carefully to see if there is a lack of the likes expressed previously by some users. If you suspect that a particular user has removed their reaction from the post, you can type their name in the search field at the top.

If in doing so you are shown, below, the profile of the person you are looking for, it means that the latter has not removed their Like from the examined content; otherwise you can consider your suspicion verified.

As you probably already know, Instagram notifies you whenever a user expresses his appreciation for your post by putting a Like. However, I would like to point out that when the same person removes their appreciation from the post in question, the relative notification is also removed from the list in the appropriate section; therefore, comparing the latter with that of the likes present under the posts will not allow you to reach any conclusion.

You can also manually check the likes of previously archived posts . Not sure how to view the latter? No problem: go back to your profile page by clicking on the icon with your photo in the lower right corner and from here go to ☰> Archive . If in this last screen the wording Archive of stories is shown at the top, press on it, then select the item Archive of posts and that’s it.

To take a look at the places where they’ve tagged you , go back to your profile page and tap on the little man icon located at the top right, above the previews of your content .

See who is unliking on Instagram: computer

Do you use a computer and want to know how to repeat the steps of the previous chapter from it? I’ll settle you immediately; in this case you can use the Instagram site or its application for Windows (the steps below are valid in both cases).

First of all, connect to the Instagram home page from any browser or open the social network application and, if necessary, log in to the platform by entering your account credentials (see also my tutorial on how to recover Instagram password if not remember the password anymore).

Once this preliminary step has been completed, click on the icon of your profile photo at the top right and, from the menu that opens, click on the Profile item . Proceed, then, by clicking on the preview of the post whose likes you want to check: the latter will be shown to you as soon as you click on the item Other [number of users] located at the bottom.

At this point, you will then have to “manually” check the names of the various users shown to see if any are missing “on appeal”. Repeating this last step, after clicking on the item Posts in which you have been tagged that you find on your personal page, you can also view the likes of the posts in which other users have mentioned your profile.

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