What should I know about Xbox All Access?

Video game console developers are constantly innovating to offer their customers the best gaming experience, as well as the best possible pricing. Game consoles have long been leaders in the video game market. However, for some time now, the game console market has been threatened by a very tough new entrant, the gaming PC. We will see in this article all the necessary information about Xbox All Access, and if really, it is worth subscribing to it. To learn more read this article.

PC gamer or console?

Here is an eternal debate that will perhaps never end. For a few years now, the parts to build a PC gamer capable of running all the games have been more and more accessible, to the point of reaching the price of a latest generation game console.

Nevertheless, it is known that the PC gamer is always better than the console, because it offers many features, starting with the fact that it is a working tool.

In addition, playing with a mouse and a gaming keyboard offers many advantages compared to a controller, starting with better precision.

Some great games loved by the general public such as:

  • Counter-Strike;
  • League of Legends ;
  • World of Warcraft.

Nevertheless, the console can have more than one trick up its sleeve, and remains to this day, a safe bet for “gamers”. There are mainly three giants in the creation of game consoles, namely:

  • Sony;
  • Microsoft;
  • Nintendo.

Each of them offers powerful consoles running all the latest games of the moment. The one that will interest us today is Microsoft, with its All Access offer .

The availability of new consoles: a real headache

The coronavirus crisis has led to a worldwide shortage of next-generation consoles, namely the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox series X.

Also, the world of PC gaming is growing more and more, which makes one more strong contender on the list.

The solution for these manufacturers remains innovation, and that is exactly what Microsoft did when releasing its latest generation consoles, namely the Xbox series S and the Xbox series X.

A new subscription is offered to buyers of the latest generation consoles from Microsoft, to take advantage of certain advantages, which we will see in the following point.

What is Xbox All Access?

We can define Xbox Access as a collaboration between Microsoft and Fnac which aims to offer, to holders of Xbox series X and series S, access to Xbox Pass Ultimate which offers a hundred free games for your console and your PC.

This subscription can give you access to the very attractive catalog of EA Play games, such as Fifa, Titanfall or Battlefield.

The prices for this subscription are extremely attractive for the most demanding gamers, depending on the model of console owned:

  • For an Xbox series S, the subscription price is 24.99 euros/month for 24 months;
  • For an Xbox series X, it will cost 32.99 euros/month for 24 months.

It should be noted that you will be committed to repaying a loan in the event of subscription to this offer, so you will have to be sure of your choice before starting.

Is the Xbox All Access membership really worth it?

Surely you are wondering if this subscription is really worth it, and it is quite normal to ask this question for a subscription with credit conditions.

However, be aware that if you are a big video game player, the All access pass offer can be very interesting, as it gives you access to a varied catalog of highly requested games, such as:

  • Forza Horizon 4;
  • Gears 5;
  • Mortal Kombat X;
  • resident evil 7;
  • Minecraft.

And many other coveted games by “gamers”. So if you are a great player and a video game fan unconditioned Xbox, we recommend that you subscribe.

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