How to cancel Uber Eats order

A step by step guide on how to cancel your Uber eats order effortlessly

Life is full of surprises and sometimes our plans change after sometime. If you have placed an order on Uber eats but you are finding yourself in a confusion if you want to cancel it then fear not. Actually Uber eats understand that the circumstances can be changed after some time and they have made the cancellation process very much straight forward. He is a step by step guideline on how to cancel your Uber eats order.

You’ve just placed a delivery or take-away order on your favorite food delivery platform, Uber Eats , and you can’t wait to taste the delicacies you’ve carefully selected. Unfortunately, however, an unexpected event has occurred that will prevent you from being found at home at the time of delivery, or from going to the chosen restaurant at the set time if you have opted for the pickup mode: therefore, even if reluctantly, you are forced to cancel. the order , hoping that this is not already in an advanced stage of preparation by the local.

Since this is a new situation for you, however, you are not entirely sure of the procedure to follow and, moreover, you would also like to understand if you will be able to receive any refund. In particular, you would like to know if there is a specific functionality in the app or on the site to perform this operation quickly and correctly: to speed up the times, therefore, you started looking for the relative instructions on how to cancel an Uber Eats order and finally you landed here, on this guide of mine.

Well: if that’s the case, know that I can help you dispel your doubts on the subject: you just need to spend a few minutes of your precious time reading the next paragraphs to find out what is the right procedure for canceling your order on Uber Eats and learn what are the conditions provided by this well-known delivery platform for the return of the amount charged. So, are you ready to get started? Perfect, in this case I just have to wish you a good continuation!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to cancel Uber Eats order
    • From app
    • From PC

Preliminary information

So, you are in the unfortunate situation of having to cancel an order on Uber Eats : you have realized that you have made mistakes in its compilation that cannot be remedied (in this case it may be useful to consult my guide dedicated to your functioning) or an unexpected event has occurred that will not allow you to consume your meal.

Before showing you how to proceed, however, I believe it is necessary to make some important premises on the conditions that allow you to perform this operation and to benefit from the refund at the same time . In fact, various case studies have been foreseen, with scenarios that vary according to the progress of an order .

To begin with, you should know that if you cancel your order before the restaurant has started preparing it , you will receive a refund of the full amount , which includes the total price for the items ordered and for the delivery services.

On the other hand, in the event that the cancellation concerns an order for which preparation has already been started by the restaurant, you will receive a partial charge which includes the full price for the items ordered, while you will not be charged anything for the services of delivery.

Otherwise, if the delivery has already been taken over by a courier , the charge will be total and will include, in addition to the items ordered, also the cost for the food delivery services. Finally, to complete the picture of eventualities, you may find yourself in the situation in which it is the restaurateur who cancels the order : if this latter hypothesis occurs, do not worry, you will not be charged.

In all cases, however, you may encounter a pre-authorization to debit your account from the moment you place an order: this operation does not correspond to a charge , as the pre-authorized sum is generally released within a few hours from the completion of the order.

Finally, if you are eligible for a full or partial refund , please note that it may take 3 to 5 business days for this to be completed, depending on your bank’s processing timeframe.

How to cancel Uber Eats order

Having made the necessary premises, let’s now see how to cancel an Uber Eats order : in the next chapters I will show you the instructions for canceling both through the app of the same name and from a PC , via the website of the famous food delivery platform.

From app

You usually place your orders from the Uber Eats app and, therefore, you would also like to cancel through the latter. Or you are on the move and you have no other way to proceed: in any case, as you will soon see, the operation in question is very intuitive and I am sure that you will have no problem completing it by following the instructions I am about to give you. .

First, therefore, start Uber Eats on your Android or iOS / iPadOS device and log in with your account: if this is your first use, enter the phone number in the appropriate field, then validate it by entering the 4-digit code you was simultaneously delivered via SMS .

Once you have accessed the main screen of the application, press on the item Orders located in the menu located at the bottom to consult the summary of the recent ones, identify the one you want to cancel, then press the relative View button to access the relative detail.

At this point, understanding how to cancel an order on Uber Eats becomes child’s play: here, in fact, you will be given the opportunity to perform the operation using the appropriate Cancel order button and, once pressed, you will only have to confirm your order. intention by pressing the Cancel order option again on the information page that is shown to you: at this stage you may see a message relating to the state of preparation and delivery of the order and any refunds which consequently, as I explained to you in the preliminary chapter of this guide, may not even be recognized.

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If you encounter problems or simply want clarifications regarding the operation in question, you can possibly use the Request Assistance function , located under the order cancellation function, which will send you back to a screen in which, through a simple wizard, you can report your concerns.

Finally, I would like to point out the presence, within the same screen above, of the Change order option which, where possible, allows you to rectify any errors made when completing the order and thus avoid canceling it.

From PC

If you are looking for instructions on how to cancel an order on Uber Eats via computer , even in this case, as you will see shortly, it is a very simple operation and it will only take you a few clicks to complete it. First, of course, you need to connect to the main page of the Uber Eats site using your favorite browser .

If the previous session has been closed you will necessarily have to authenticate again (obviously, using the same account with which you placed the order): to do so, press the Login button located at the top right, then enter your email address or mobile phone , in based on the information provided during registration and press the Next button .

Then, enter the password in the appropriate field and press the Login button again : in this way you will be redirected to your personal page, where the take-away options available near the place set are shown. Once this is done, press the ☰ button located at the top left and click on the Orders option , which is in the first position just below your profile name.

You will be redirected to a specific page in which recent orders and their processing status are listed : on the right, in correspondence with each order, there is the Request Assistance button and under it there is the item Cancel order : by pressing it a new window will be opened through which it will be possible to confirm the operation.

Please note: at this stage it is communicated whether a charge is still expected , in the event that, for example, the order is already in preparation (for more details, refer to the preliminary chapter of this guide). Once you have ascertained this, to complete the operation, press the Cancel the order button , then, in the next step, indicate the reason for the cancellation by choosing from the preset options that are proposed to you and press the Finish button .Have you encountered any difficulties at this stage and, therefore, do you feel the need to obtain clarifications on the operation, payment, refund or whatever? In this case, you can always contact customer support by pressing the Request Assistance button I mentioned earlier: you will be redirected to a specific page of the site where you will be given a way to easily select the reason why you need help. , or carry out a search directly by entering your question in the appropriate field located at the top.


how do I cancel my Uber eat pass?

You can easily cancel your subscription from iOS or Android launch the app on your mobile device and then tap account on the bottom right corner and then tap on the next screen ‘eat pass’.

How do I cancel my Uber ride?

Just tap on the profile icon in the top right corner then tap trips. Select the button in the top right and select Upcoming from drop-down menu. Select the trip that you want to change or cancel. Select Edit time to Cancel Ride or Change your ride.

How do I cancel my just eat order?

For collection and delivery orders you should head over 2 order details page where you are going to see the option to cancel your order under can we help with anything?. If you cancel your order you may be charged an amount up to the full order value.

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