WordReference: what it is and how it works

It may be that at some point you heard about WordReference and you are interested in knowing what it is and how it works , the truth is that you should know about this tool. It is a very robust online dictionary, in which you can find a wide variety of languages ​​and functions to improve your learning and get rid of writing doubts at any time.

Not surprisingly, WordReference is among the 500 most visited web pages on the Internet, especially because this platform accompanies you in a much simpler and more practical way in learning other languages ​​and also in better handling a native language.

At first, you might have the idea that it is just another word translator; but by knowing the available functions and all its potential you will discover a powerful and free tool.

Everything you need to know about WordReference

The moment you enter the WordReference website, you will see a search bar where you type a word, then select two languages ​​and then you can find its translation.

Observe in detail the sections of the search bar within the platform, you will notice that it includes different sections, the first is Verb Conjugators that allows you to know the conjugation of verbs from different languages , from your native Spanish, French or English and many others .

Once you choose a word to translate, the site shows you, in addition to its meaning in the chosen language, the type of verb it is and the type of word , that is, if it is a pronominal verb, intransitive verb, verb transitive, verbal locution, nominal group, prefix, masculine or feminine name.

Another of the interesting elements that WordReference has is the possibility of debating with other users about the meanings of words , queries about translations and different meanings according to complete sentences that are in the database. This space will allow you to clarify doubts and also leave a bank of answers or resolutions for those who wish to consult on the subject in the future.

The lists section is another aspect that makes this platform an excellent alternative for learning. It is a section in which you will find hundreds of words listed with their different translations and which are organized by categories of interest such as: colors, clothing, transportation, food and more. The objective of this segment is to facilitate vocabulary for those who study another language.

List of languages ​​available in WordReference

Although it is something that you will be able to discover when you enter the website, here is a list of available languages ​​so that you know the translation capacity of this online dictionary:

  1. Spanish.
  2. English.
  3. French.
  4. Italian.
  5. Portuguese.
  6. Romanian.
  7. German.
  8. Dutch.
  9. Japanese.
  10. Korean.
  11. Arab.
  12. Swedish.
  13. Russian.
  14. Polish.
  15. Czech.
  16. Greek.
  17. Turkish.
  18. Chinese.
  19. Catalan (only for meanings).

WordReference for mobile

Although WordReference’s great strength is its website, they have turned the platform into a mobile app , so all you have to do is go to the Android or iOS app store and you can have the dictionary and translator available on your phone.

One of the advantages of using the mobile version is that its design is much more user-friendly , up-to-date and intuitive, ideal for use while traveling or if you need to have a quick conversation in another language.

The mobile version of WordReference will also be very useful if you have it available as support during a course or class to learn other languages , since you will be able to review some grammar rules while the teacher progresses through the content.

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