How to protect PDF

With friends always poking their noses among the documents (perhaps business) you have on your PC, you have no other choice left. You absolutely have to start protecting your PDF files, and to do this there is nothing better than a good password that prevents the view of the documents to those who do not know the right keyword.

PDFProtect is an excellent free online service that allows you to protect a PDF document with a password in just a few clicks and in complete safety. The service works directly from the browser and does not require software installation on the PC. What are you waiting for to try it out and put it in your favorites?

All you have to do to protect a PDF document with a password is to connect to the PDFProtect website and select the PDF file to protect by clicking on the Browse button (located under File to protect ). Then type the keyword to be used to protect the document in the Password and Re-enter password fields and click on the Protect! Button to start applying the password to the selected PDF.

To ensure a higher degree of security for your document, put the check mark next to the item High (located under the heading Encryption strength ) before clicking on Protect! .

At the end of the procedure, the duration of which depends on the size of the selected PDF, you can save the protected PDF document on your PC by clicking on the Save button in the window that opens. Then navigate to the folder where you want to save the file and click the Save button to complete the operation.

The downloaded file will be viewable only after entering the password specified on PDFProtect . This is true on any computer and with any PDF document reader.

After protecting a PDF document with a password, can’t you open it with the PDF reader installed on your PC? Obviously you are using an outdated program, but fear not. There is also a solution to this.

To make a PDF generated by PDFProtect compatible with older software, put the check mark next to Low (instead of High ) before clicking Protect! .


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