How to activate BANCOMAT Pay

In recent years, we hear more and more of digital payments thanks to the introduction of services that make it possible to make payments in a very simple way, using a smartphone or smartwatch.

There are really many types of services that allow digital payments, but in recent times you see more and more often the words BANCOMAT Pay even in physical stores. After some research, you discovered that this service can be associated with your bank card and allows you to simply use your smartphone to make payments, thus avoiding carrying banknotes and even a credit or debit card with you.

If you have come this far it is because most likely you are really curious to find out how to activate BANCOMAT Pay also on your bank account, in order to have more choice when you have to make a payment. That’s the way it is, am I right? Then don’t worry: in the next chapters I will show you how to activate the BANCOMAT Pay service with your bank and start using it. You will see, it will be really simple.


  • BANCOMAT Pay: how it works
  • BANCOMAT Pay: member banks
  • How to activate BANCOMAT Pay
    • How to activate BANCOMAT Pay UniCredit
    • How to activate BANCOMAT Pay Intesa

BANCOMAT Pay: how it works

Before seeing how to activate the service, it is necessary to take a small step back to understand what it is and, above all, how BANCOMAT Pay works .

Well, BANCOMAT Pay is a service launched in Italy in 2018 with the aim of creating a single digital payment system both between individuals and between the various banking institutions. It is accessible by all credit or debit card holders that have the PagoBANCOMAT logo printed on them.

What can you do with BANCOMAT Pay? Through this service you can instantly transfer sums of money to other people, purchase goods and services in affiliated shops or make payments to the Public Administration through the PagoPA service .

I know what you are wondering now: how does BANCOMAT Pay work? This is a more than legitimate question but, don’t worry, it’s simpler than you think. If you want to pay through this service in a partner shop, all you have to do is scan the QR code displayed at the checkout.

To do so, open your bank ‘s app , select the BANCOMAT Pay option and on the next screen, tap the In store item . Therefore, allow access to the camera (if necessary) and scan the QR code via the camera of your smartphone.

At this point, enter the amount you have to pay and tap the Confirm button . The merchant will be notified of the transaction and, once confirmed, payment will be made. This is a really simple process with which you can say goodbye to cash and, if you want, you can also avoid carrying physical cards with you.

If you want to use BANCOMAT Pay to send money to a friend or relative, the procedure is very similar to the one shown above, but instead of selecting the item In store , you have to tap on the item Exchange money . Then you simply have to allow access to the address book to your banking app, by tapping the Allow button in the pop-up that appears.

Why the address book? Simple: to use BANCOMAT Pay simply connect the phone number, in this way you will not have to ask for bank details, such as the IBAN . Just scroll through the items in your address book until you find the person you want to send money to: if the latter uses the BANCOMAT Pay service, the service logo, usually BPAY , colored blue will be present next to their name .

Well, once you have identified the contact, tap on it, to select it from the address book, type the amount of money you want to send and tap the Confirm or Send button . To confirm the operation, finally enter the PIN to access your bank’s online services (the same one you use to access the app) and the transfer will be completed in a few seconds. For more details, you can consult the official BANCOMAT Pay website .

BANCOMAT Pay: member banks

I know what you are asking yourself now: which banks are members of the BANCOMAT Pay system ? I’ll answer you right away. All banks that use credit or debit cards with the PAGOBancomat circuit adhere to the BANCOMAT Pay service : among these we find UniCredit , Intesa Sanpaolo , BNL , UBI , Banco BPM and Banca Popolare di Bari .

The service is usually already associated with the IBAN of your current account or prepaid card. What changes, however, are the management costs of the service or, better said, the commissions that the bank applies when using the service.

Generally speaking, almost all banks do not charge fixed fees, but there are commissions when you go to make a transaction. So why use BANCOMAT Pay if fees apply? An absolutely correct question, and a clarification is necessary.

The commissions are applied only when you carry out money exchange operations between individuals ( P2P ), but this does not happen if we pay for a good or service at a merchant. In this case the transaction is always free . If, on the other hand, we exchange money with friends or relatives, banks usually do not apply any commission for amounts below € 50 , while from € 50 upwards the bank can apply commissions, which usually vary between € 0.75 and € 1. .

How to activate BANCOMAT Pay

Now here we are: after having seen broadly how the service works and all the participating banks , with relative costs, it is time to see how to activate BANCOMAT Pay . I’ll start immediately by telling you that the method of activating the service may change slightly depending on your bank. Some of them have directly integrated the service within their app, while others use an app dedicated to the service. For the purposes of the tutorial, I will show you, in the following chapters, how to activate the BANCOMAT Pay service with UniCredit and Intesa Sanpaolo .

Do not worry, however, if you are wondering how to activate Bancomat Bay BNL I can tell you with certainty that you can carry out all the operations directly from your bank’s app. If, on the other hand, you are wondering how to activate BANCOMAT Pay BPM or how to activate BANCOMAT Pay BPER you simply have to download the BANCOMAT Pay app , currently available both on Android (also on HUAWEI AppGallery ), and on iOS : to install it, search for it in the store of your device , click on its icon (or connect directly to one of the download links I gave you a moment ago, to do first) and click on the Install / Get button. On iPhone, you may be asked to verify your identity with Face ID , Touch ID, or Apple ID password .

Once you have downloaded the app, all you have to do is open it and tap the Activate BANCOMAT Pay button and on the next screen select your bank to activate the service. Enter your phone number , enter the verification code you receive and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the activation. It’s that simple!

How to activate BANCOMAT Pay UniCredit

Are you wondering how to activate BANCOMAT Pay UniCredit , given that you have been their customer for some time now? Don’t worry, the procedure is really very simple.

Grab your smartphone, open the UniCredit app, currently available on both Android and iOS , and log in by entering the PIN code or via biometric authentication . Once inside, tap on the Products tab at the bottom.

Now, among the items present, tap on the Cards item and after a few seconds a new summary screen of your card will be loaded. Then press on the Paper Management item , recognizable by the icon of a gear , present in the bar in the center. On this screen, scroll through the many items present and tap the Manage button in the section relating to BANCOMAT Pay .

To activate the service, check that the associated number is correct and tap the CONFIRM button . To confirm the operation, enter the PIN to access your bank’s online services (the same one you use to access the app) and in a few seconds the service will be fully active. Easy, right?

How to activate BANCOMAT Pay Intesa

Have you been an Intesa Sanpaolo customer for some time and would like to understand how to activate BANCOMAT Pay Intesa ? Don’t worry, this is a very simple procedure.

Take your Android smartphone or iPhone and log in by entering the PIN code or via biometric authentication . Once inside, tap on the Operations tab at the bottom, recognizable by the euro icon .

Now, among the many items present, tap on the one relating to BANCOMAT Pay . After a few seconds a new screen will load: to activate the service, tap the ACTIVATE button , check that the associated number is correct and tap the CONTINUE button .

To confirm the operation, enter the PIN to access your bank’s online services (the same one you use to access the app) and in a few seconds the service will be fully active.


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