TOP 5 smart watches with contactless payment

Experience suggests: no matter how much we write about new technologies in smartwatches, users will still be interested in something else. That would not learn how to measure the clock: oxygenation, ECG, the level of fat and water, if they cannot be used to pay for purchases – consider throwing money away. In principle, the opinion is fully justified. Paying with your wrist is very convenient and does not require unnecessary gestures. Therefore, we offer you 5 of the best smartwatches with NFC , which will definitely appeal to everyone. In any case, you will definitely not find a better one in the near future.

The best watch with contactless payment function.

In fact, choosing from smartwatches with NFC is extremely difficult. And the point is not that there are a lot of them. It’s just that most of these gadgets have a bunch of nuances: some have NFC, but they are oriented only to the Chinese market, others are not supported by many banks.

In today’s top we list only those models with which it will be possible to pay for purchases through hours without unnecessary headaches.


  • The best smartwatches on Android
  • Budget smartwatch with NFC
  • Nice mens smart watch
  • What smart watch to buy a girl
  • Cool sports smart watch

The best smartwatches on Android

When we compiled the TOP 5 smartwatches that everyone should take a closer look at, we also started a conversation with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and said that now on the market you can hardly find a gadget with the best price-quality ratio. However, in the comments, one of the regular readers under the nickname nikelboy radically disagreed with this opinion.

Whatever one may say, but better Galaxy Watch 4 in the world of Android smartwatches is difficult to find something.

You can read his thoughts on the link (at the bottom of the post), but I still think that he did not provide enough arguments. The Galaxy Watch 4 is not only one of the most functional wearables on the market, but it has also been updated over the years. Most recently, Samsung released 10 new watch faces for the owners of previous watches , and they also added different chips. I think it will be the same with version 4.

Plus, that the previous one, that the new watch model, supports Samsung Pay technology , which works with most Russian banks and does not require dancing with a tambourine in order to pay for goods in the store. Koreans offer clear and understandable instructions for this case right on their official website, which undoubtedly adds points to their piggy bank.

Samsung Pay is one of the most convenient payment platforms out there.

In order for Samsung Pay to work “as it should” along with the watch, you must have either a Samsung smartphone of models older than 2016 (see the full list at the link ), or another smartphone with Android 7.0 and higher, compatible with the Galaxy Wearable application version 2.2 and higher, with a screen resolution of more than 800 × 480 and RAM at least 1.5 Gb.

Budget smartwatch with NFC

It is clear that budget smartwatches with contactless payment in Russia are not Mi Band 6 for 4-5k. Still, only devices from the premium segment usually have such functionality. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 seems to be an exception to me . If you’ve never used a smartwatch before, rest assured Active2 is a great start.

Active 2 came out a long time ago, but still remains a cool watch.

Yes, these are no longer familiar to all Galaxy Watch4, but there are also quite enough functions here:

  • Two case sizes, 40 mm and 44 mm.
  • Super AMOLED 1.2 ″ display.
  • Heart rate sensor, barometric altimeter, accelerometer, pedometer, gyroscope.
  • Waterproof to IP68 standard.

Nice mens smart watch

I think everyone has heard about Garmin. The brand offers professional smartwatches with a focus on sports. The company positions itself as masters of their craft and are sensitive to the quality of their products.

The Garmin Vivoactive 4 is one of the best smartwatches for men.

In particular, the Garmin Vivoactive 4 caught my eye because of its cool design that suits both young guys and respectable men.

If we talk about the unique features of the device, five key ones should be highlighted:

  • 3.5 GB of memory for listening to music.
  • Protection against water WR50 (5 atm).
  • Sensors: barometer, compass, accelerometer, thermometer, pulse oximeter, GPS, GLONASS.
  • A battery that lasts about 8 days in smartwatch mode.
  • Cool training modes with control of breathing rate, sweat and fluid intake.

As for Garmin Pay , everything is quite simple here. The manufacturer gives instructions according to which you can easily set up payments. I am especially pleased with the number of supported banks, there are a lot of them here.

What smart watch to buy a girl

Of course, choosing the perfect smartwatch for a girl is quite difficult. Here the design should be cool and the dimensions should emphasize a modest lady’s hand. Active 2 is fine, but if you want something more serious, then this is the place for you.

Garmin Vivoactive 4s is one of the best smartwatches for the fair sex.

It seems to me that if you choose a watch for a girl, then you simply cannot pass by Garmin. Their functionality will be slightly cooler than the Korean brand, and the design may even be better. I will not offer you unique solutions from little-known brands, because I think that Garmin Vivoactive 4s would be an excellent option .

Their parameters are slightly different from the version above: the display is slightly smaller, the resolution is worse, there is no temperature sensor. I don’t think it will be critical, because if you look in general, these are the same cool Garmins.

Cool sports smart watch

Of course, sports fans will not lose much when buying Samsung, but having a device on their wrist that was created specifically for this purpose, you must agree, is more pleasant. The Garmin Venu Sq smartwatch offers not only excellent accuracy in counting activity , but also a very affordable price.

An excellent watch that combines everything at once. And they are inexpensive.

Of the main features, I would single out the following:

  • Protective Gorilla Glass 4.
  • Internal storage – 4GB / 500 songs.
  • Protection against water WR50 (5 atm).
  • Garmin Elevate sensor is responsible for SpO2 (blood oxygen) and control of many other parameters.
  • Lots of different workout modes.

If I were in the place of a professional athlete, to be honest, I would not even think about it. Yes, you can take a model for yourself a little more expensive, but it seems to me that that does not really win in terms of design. You see, her tasks are different.

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