The most common Bluetooth problems on a smartphone

Now Bluetooth on a smartphone is not at all what it used to be. Even some 10 years ago, we used technology exclusively for the sake of wireless data transmission and considered it a great progress, since the phones do not need to be applied to each other, and now we need bluetooth mainly for the sake of connecting various accessories: from headphones to gamepads. It would seem that progress should have been accompanied by the correction of most of the errors, but no, they are still encountered here. Today I propose to talk about the most common Bluetooth problems and discuss ways to solve them.


  • Bluetooth does not turn on
  • Bluetooth turns on by itself
  • Bluetooth does not see the device
    • Bluetooth does not see the radio. What to do

Bluetooth does not turn on

There are actually not so many reasons why Bluetooth on Android does not turn on at all: either it is a software bug in the device’s firmware, or the radio module is out of order. First, try restarting your device. Chances are high that this will be enough and everything will start working harder than ever.

Solving the problem with Bluetooth on Android is not that difficult.

If a simple restart helped, be sure to check for operating system updates, perhaps the manufacturer is already aware of the problems and has released a new firmware version for its owners. You can check for updates on Android as follows:

  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll to About phone.
  • Then go to the Software update section.
  • Click Check for Updates.
  • Check out the available updates.

Check for firmware updates.

If there is a new version in the settings, I highly recommend that you try to update as soon as possible. Moreover, it will only take a few minutes.

Did not work? Well, then the path lies straight to the service center. Experts will diagnose and tell you what can be done with your smartphone. And in order not to get paid, before going to the service, be sure to read this article .

Bluetooth turns on by itself

Most often, bluetooth turns on itself because of the applications that have access to it. Surely each of you has seen notifications with Allow buttons when you first start the program after downloading. It is likely that you did not hesitate to allow Bluetooth to start automatically.

To find out which applications can independently launch Bluetooth, you need to:

  • Go to Smartphone Settings.
  • Then go to Applications and find the Permissions section.
  • Scroll to Bluetooth.
  • See which applications have access to it and deny it if necessary.

Check the app permissions for certain features.

Another thing is that I don’t understand why disable Bluetooth in 2021? In our Yandex.Zen, we have long dispelled the myth that Bluetooth drains the battery.

There is also a second reason. Often times, apps turn to Bluetooth for location. If it is important for you that the smartphone does not follow you , it is better to disable this function:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Next, click on Location.
  • Then go to the Search section.
  • Turn off the toggle switch opposite Search for Bluetooth devices.

Disable Bluetooth in location settings.

Well, the shutdown is justified here. Many users are sensitively controlling all settings in order to prohibit any surveillance on their device as much as possible.

Bluetooth does not see the device

If the phone does not see the headphones or the speaker , the first thing to do is to check if the problem lies in the accessory itself. It is likely that you simply forgot to charge your headset or the device is not in search mode. Plus, it’s possible that the Bluetooth device is already connected to another phone.

It often happens that headphones or a speaker refuse to see the smartphone. Don’t panic.

If the accessory connects to other smartphones without any problems, the problem lies directly with your phone. Then try Forget this device in Bluetooth settings :

  • Go to Settings, Bluetooth.
  • Find the device you want to connect in the list
  • Click on the gear icon opposite it.
  • Then tap on Unpair.

Smartphone Bluetooth settings.

Previously, problems with connecting headphones to a smartphone were touched by the author of Ivan Kuznetsov. In his material, a colleague analyzed in detail all the reasons and proposed several solutions.

Bluetooth does not see the radio. What to do

Problems with connecting a smartphone to a radio tape recorder are not uncommon. Thousands of car enthusiasts face similar challenges every day. And it’s not always possible to solve everything in two clicks. On the contrary, it often happens that it takes a lot of time to identify the causes.

The radio tape recorder is a stumbling block for many users.

First, try Forget Bluetooth device and reconnect. It is quite possible that this will be enough. Secondly, turn off all phones in the list of devices in the car , leaving only the ones you are using. Best left alone.

Next, read the instructions for your radio model (can be found on the Internet) and find out where it is better to establish a connection: from a phone or from a car.

The instructions for specific models may differ, but in general they are all roughly the same. To connect your phone to your car via bluetooth , you need:

  • On your smartphone, open Settings, Bluetooth.
  • Next, open the list of available devices and check that your car is there.
  • Then select your phone from the device list on the car screen.
  • Tap Allow access to contacts and call history.
  • Click Add, Accept or Confirm depending on the car.

If the instructions say that you need to connect from the phone, then:

  • Open Settings, Bluetooth (on your smartphone).
  • Make sure the phone sees your car stereo in the list of available devices.
  • Tap on the name of your radio.
  • Wait for pairing with the car.

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