5 reasons why I stopped wearing a fitness bracelet

I have already told you a lot about my Xiaomi Mi Band 4: it both sank and helped to get in shape. However, it has been lying idle for a month now. Of all the bracelets I had, it was more relevant than the rest. It seems that nothing lasts forever: it’s time to say goodbye to him. The fact that I decided to abandon it is a completely deliberate step, to which sooner or later everyone comes. It is possible that in the future I will use it again, but at the moment it is completely superfluous in the arsenal of my gadgets. I tried to restore the chronology of why I refused a fitness bracelet: apparently, this can happen to anyone.

Here are some reasons why I gave up on a fitness bracelet.


  • Fitness bracelet for training
  • Turn off notifications on your phone
  • Fitness bracelet with NFC
  • Alarm clock on a fitness bracelet
  • Fitness Bracelet Straps

Fitness bracelet for training

The first fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 helped me lose weight. If you think that gadgets do not help in any way in this difficult matter, then you are very mistaken – they discipline, record the results and do not allow you to overdo it during classes, tracking your heart rate. The number of calories you burn in a day is not always correct – it is better to round them down so that there is an incentive to move on.

If you have already achieved your goals, then there is no point in the bracelet further

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 was my assistant in keeping in shape – with its help I trained and tried to move more during the day and even gave the same to my girlfriend to “push” her from time to time during the day. Now I managed to throw off a little more and the need for a fitness bracelet has disappeared – now there is less activity, but the diet has become as correct as possible. I no longer need an assistant.

But for you, I recommend the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 with a bunch of training modes. Moreover, for such a pleasant price.

Turn off notifications on your phone

When I gave a fitness bracelet to my girlfriend, she used it to view notifications on her phone. At first, everything was bearable, but her patience was enough for a year: I will not hide it, I like to write messages separately, and I also wake up in the middle of the night, flipping through memes and videos on Instagram and sending to others.

We also need to add other push notifications to this. Despite the fact that viewing them on the Mi Band is not as convenient as on the Galaxy Watch or Apple Watch, it is still the most affordable way to avoid missing important messages.

The constant vibration on the arm infuriates

And also – start to go crazy. I used the bracelet in order to never turn on the sound on the phone , but not the most frequent incoming calls began to pause due to the vibration on the arm. Fitness bracelet notifications are a double-edged sword. It’s both convenient and not very good at the same time, especially if you like to communicate and you have very social friends.

Fitness bracelet with NFC

A couple of months ago, I was thinking about updating Mi Band 4 to the new Mi Band 6 NFC : the very idea of ​​paying with a watch has long been attracted to. This helps you to take your phone out of your pocket less often, and in summer you don’t even need to take it with you on your morning run. But even here a fitness bracelet is not needed: I bought myself a classic Swatch watch with NFC : no distractions, a cool timeless accessory that will never fail.

Synchronization with a smartphone at the bracelet at a height

Swatch Pay copes as expected: in which case you can manage the card from the application on the phone, and to pay, you just need to bring your watch, nothing else is needed. Will I change Swatch on Mi Band 6 with NFC? No way: I hope no one will give me this and these stupid smartphones for the New Year.

Alarm clock on a fitness bracelet

Did you oversleep because of the alarm? This is definitely about the Mi Band

Mi Band has a cool feature – it’s a built-in alarm clock. The vibration on your hand in the morning is much more pleasant than a screaming phone. Unfortunately, but you will wake up on time for six months or a year, after which you will get used to it and stop noticing it. Sleep over the alarm? No problem! Despite the fact that the Mi Band has a small display , it will not be difficult to press “End” while awake. The downside is that the vibration on your hand does not continue until you wake up, but only for a few seconds. A smart alarm clock in a fitness bracelet is not that smart, but annoying and useless.

Fitness Bracelet Straps

Unfortunately, the straps get dirty and no longer rub off

And one of the most important points why I gave up on a fitness bracelet is its straps. The hand gets tired from them, they constantly get dirty and do not rub off, and they constantly cling to the winter jacket. Since I began to spend more time with a laptop, a fitness bracelet on my arm turned out to be completely redundant. Once I started taking it off while working – since then I have worn it very rarely and, it seems, will never wear it again .

In fact, there are also better quality straps for the Mi Band, from which the wrist does not get tired, and the stains on them are wiped off with a damp cloth.

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