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“Just not TikTok” is the first thought of most users who are in search of cool applications for Android . Indeed, modern collections of software presented on the Internet are not unique. Despite the large number of cool startups, it becomes more and more difficult to find something interesting every day. Today we will try to show you such applications that greatly simplify the life of the owners of Android smartphones and at the same time, for some reason, remain on the sidelines.

We have collected for you only the best applications that everyone should install.


  • Google Docs – Collaboration App
  • Yandex with Alice on Android
  • 2GIS – maps for Android
  • 1Password – Android password manager
  • Microsoft To Do – task manager for Android

Google Docs – Collaboration App

Many users knew about Google Docs many years ago, but the program became really popular only in the coming years. All work in recent years, one way or another, goes offline, and the service from Google is simply unmatched here. No, Microsoft Office is also very good, but today I say goodbye to him.

Favorite office application Google Doc.

Google Docs has many advantages . Here are just a few of them:

  • Cloud storage of all files.
  • Cross-platform.
  • Automatic file saving during operation.
  • The ability to collaborate on one file.

I would like to note the free work as a separate plus. Personally, I’m ready to pay a lot of money for high-quality software, but when it comes to teamwork, there are always various difficulties with this. With Google Docs, everything is more than fine. If suddenly you have never used the service, I definitely recommend giving it a try.

It’s hard to find a better office collaboration application than Google Docs.

Yandex with Alice on Android

In my previous articles, I have said more than once that I see no point in buying a smart speaker in 2021. The editorial staff, unanimously, disagrees with me on this issue. Well, think for yourself, why spend a lot of money if Alice is in a separate application? It will tell you the weather, and the QR code will quickly find it – it seems that everything is with it.

The Yandex app on Android combines many cool features.

But seriously, Yandex really attracts a lot of attention with its functionality. Here is just a small part of what this Android application can do:

  • Automatic caller ID.
  • Voice assistant.
  • Convenient keyboard.
  • Weather forecast with excellent accuracy.
  • The best free document scanner.
  • Discounts on various products in the Foodil service.

And I also listed only those functions that I personally like. I cannot say that this is the best application in general. But I can definitely say that for a Russian user, you can hardly find something cooler, because everything is in one.

2GIS – maps for Android

I have been using 2GIS for many years and remember it a little under a different name DublGIS. Over the years, we managed to test the application both in large cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in small cities of our immense like Dyurtyuli or Nizhnyaya Tavda. At 2GIS, it was always possible to quickly find any address, work schedule or feedback.

2GIS is an application that everyone should have.

It is especially pleasant to use the application when you come to a new city. Maps will show popular routes, guide you to all sights, and offer delicious meals. In large cities there are even separate selections like “Where to go in winter” or “Where to play board games”.

In the past, we compared the service with the popular Yandex.Maps and came to the conclusion that there is no equal for users traveling without their own transport. But if you use a car, Yandex will still be a little better.

But even when traveling by car, I still keep my favorite application in the device’s memory. Simply because here I can find any information quickly and easily. Plus, Yandex’s interface is seriously inferior to its competitor.

Time calculation in 2GIS is very accurate.

Someone may say that the service contains a lot of advertising and therefore is not worthy of being in the top, but, friends, it is not the presence of advertising that is important, but its quality. For several times already, I have contacted different organizations on the recommendation of 2GIS and have always been satisfied with the quality of the services provided.

1Password – Android password manager

Someone will ask – why do we need a password manager in 2021, when literally every application has got its own tool for these tasks? I also thought so until the moment when the mailbox was not hacked. For more than 10 years I have stored the most valuable information there, which burned out in an instant. Do not repeat my mistakes, create complex passwords, use special managers.

A password manager is a must in 2021.

The first is because of the cross-platform nature. Together with an Android smartphone, I actively use a MacBook and Windows PC. Due to different operating rooms, synchronizing applications with each other is not an easy task.

The second is the need for a spare place where all passwords will be stored. Even if I do not often refer to them, but at the moment when the laptop breaks down, and I am out of the house, there will be no problems. And this is very cool.

Microsoft To Do – task manager for Android

One of the main trends of modern times is productivity. Now everyone wants to be successful: make a lot of money, buy a Porsche and go to live in Europe. I see discipline as the first step towards achieving this goal. The Microsoft To Do task manager is a great help with this.

I have been using it for about a year now and am very satisfied. I write down all the goals here and divide them into time intervals: day, week, month, year. Microsoft To Do has all the possibilities for this: a user-friendly interface, excellent cross-platform functionality, and much more. Given the fact that most users are tied to the Windows-Android bundle, I think that you will definitely not find a better application.

It’s hard to find a free task manager of this level on Google Play .

Earlier I already told you in detail about my experience of using this program. If you have been looking for an excuse to work on your time management for a long time, then here it is.

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