The best file managers for Android

A file manager for Android is required to manage files and folders on a mobile device: smartphone or tablet. With the help of a file manager (explorer, file manager), all necessary actions are performed with files on a device running the Android operating system.

Any file manager for Android should be able to perform all the basic actions: creating, copying, deleting, renaming, moving files and folders on the device. Depending on the level of its capabilities, the file manager may have advanced functionality necessary to perform some operations with files: editing system files (for this you need to get Root rights on the device), working with archives, multimedia files (video, audio, photo) , exchanging files between a mobile device and a PC over a local network, exchanging files through cloud storage, transferring files over the Internet using various network protocols, etc.

  1. How to install a file manager on Android
  2. ES Explorer (ES File Manager)
  3. Xplore File Manager
  4. Total Commander
  5. File Manager +
  6. Mi File Explorer
  7. ASTRO file manager
  8. File Manager (File Explorer)
  9. GM File Manager
  10. Article Conclusions

The system file manager does not always satisfy users with its capabilities. In this article, we will try to choose the best file manager for Android.

I have considered file managers for Android in Russian, completely free, or having the basic necessary functionality in the free version, if there is a paid option. Therefore, some popular programs are not included in this article: Solid Explorer, Root Explorer, etc.

Let’s figure out which file manager is best for Android. In fact, it is not possible to choose the best file manager for Android in Russian due to the fact that users have different requirements for a program for working with files.

For some users, maximum functionality is required, and the majority will be satisfied with the most common and popular functions of the application. Therefore, the choice of each user will correspond to the needs of a particular person.

When choosing a suitable file manager, pay attention to the functionality of the application that you will need when using it, read the reviews, evaluate the convenience of working with the program according to your impressions. Try several programs at work, and then make your choice based on your preferences, according to the degree of ease of use of a particular file manager.

How to install a file manager on Android

The file manager is installed on Android like any other application. To search for an application, you must enter the Google Play store by clicking on the Google Play icon on the smartphone screen, from a browser search, or via a direct link: .

In the search field, enter the expression: “file manager”, as a result of the search results, you will be presented with a large number of programs designed to work on managing files in the Android operating system.

Now let’s move on to the review of the best free file managers for Android.

ES Explorer (ES File Manager)

ES Explorer (ES File Manager) is the most popular file manager in the world, widely known from the very first versions of the Android mobile operating system. The application is a powerful and functional tool for working with files on a smartphone or tablet.

The program has additional tools needed to perform various tasks. From the application, you can enter the cloud storage without installing a client program on the device, start playing a video or audio file, edit a text file, send a file over the network, for example, to a computer, etc.

After launch, the main window opens, which shows information about the occupied space on the device. You can check the relevance of the data using the “Place Analyzer” button. Here are the main, most used functions of the application, for quick access to the relevant parameters: Music, Videos, APPs, Pictures, Cleanup, Trash, Magazine, Cloud.

The free version of ES File Explorer contains ads.

Main features of ES File Manager:

  • Application administration.
  • Autorun manager, cache clearer.
  • Remote file manager to manage the device from a computer.
  • Batch rename files.
  • Root support (with root access).
  • File transfer via FTP, WebDav, LAN.
  • View files via Bluetooth.
  • Cloud storage support: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, SugarSync, Baidu, MediaFire, Yandex.Disk.
  • Stopping applications.
  • Removing applications.
  • Full support for ZIP archives (creation, unpacking, recovery), unpacking RAR archives.
  • Editing text files.
  • Show file thumbnails.
  • Changing the appearance of the program.
  • CD card analyzer.
  • Smart charging.
  • Transferring files and folders to another mobile device with ES File Manager installed (“Sender” function).
  • Multimedia player for music and video playback.
  • Image viewer.
  • Built-in internet browser.

To perform some functions, you will need to install additional modules (“Task Manager”, etc.).

There is a paid version of ES File Explorer/Manager Pro without ads with a different interface.

ES File Manager is a good choice for users who want to get the most out of this type of program.

Xplore File Manager

The X-plore File Manager file manager has been known since the days of the Symbian mobile operating system. This functional explorer has a rather complicated interface that you will have to figure out. But then you will open up great opportunities for the program.

The X-plore File Manager program has the following functionality:

  • Tree-like panel with folder hierarchy.
  • Dual window mode.
  • Application manager.
  • Root support.
  • Support access via FTP, SMB1/SMB2, WebDav.
  • SQLite database browsing feature.
  • Unpacking archives in formats: ZIP, RAR, 7-Zip.
  • Creation of ZIP archives.
  • View APK files as ZIP archives.
  • Transfer media files via DLNA/UPnP.
  • Cloud storage supported: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Cloud Mail.Ru, Yandex.Disk,, Box, IDrive, SugarSync, pCloud, ownCloud, MediaFire.
  • There is access to cloud image storage services: Flicr, Picasa.
  • Wi-Fi file sharing for other Android devices.
  • Thumbnails for videos, images and other file types
  • PDF viewer (from Android0 version)
  • Working with Hex code.
  • View images in enlarged size.
  • Sending files via Bluetooth.
  • Customizable hot buttons and keys.
  • Disk Map – a disk map with information about the space occupied by files on the disk.

X-plore File Manager Paid Features:

  • Use of secure protocols: SSH File Transfer (SFTP) and SSH Shell.
  • Built-in audio player.
  • Video player with subtitles.
  • Manage files on Android device from browser on PC in LAN.
  • Encryption of confidential files using the Vault feature.

X-plore File Manager is a good choice for advanced file management on a mobile device.

Total Commander

Total Commander is a free file manager for Android, from the developer of the famous Total Commander for Windows. File Commander has all the basic features you need to manage files and folders on your smartphone or tablet.

Although Total Commander on Android looks somewhat ascetic, this implementation is very convenient: the main window of the program displays the most necessary and popular functionality.

The program has the ability to install plugins that add some functions to the application. There are no ads in Total Commander.

Features of Total Commander:

  • Drag & Drop mode support.
  • Copying and moving entire directories.
  • Compressing and decompressing ZIP archives, decompressing RAR archives.
  • Built-in text editor.
  • Search, including for text.
  • Various modes for selecting files and directories.
  • Support for plug-ins that expand the capabilities of the program.
  • Built-in plugin for displaying a list of installed applications.
  • Root support (if you have rights).
  • Sketches for images.
  • Bookmarks, directory history.
  • FTP and WebDav support via plugins.
  • Media player for playing multimedia files over a local network or via WebDav.
  • Dual panel mode in landscape orientation.
  • Customizable interface.

The Total Commander application has all the necessary functions for successful work with files on a smartphone.

File Manager +

File Manager + by Flashlight + Clock is a simple yet powerful file manager with a stylish, user-friendly interface.

In the main window of the file manager, clear buttons open before the user for quick access to the main functions of the program: “Main folder”, “SD card”, “Downloads”, “Photo”, “Audio”, Video, “Documents”, “Programs ”, “New Files”, “Cloud”, “Remote Services”, “PC Access”.

With File Manager + you can use the following functions:

  • Manage files on SD card or connected USB storage.
  • View images saved in major graphic formats.
  • Manage audio and video files of major formats.
  • Management of any types of documents.
  • Stopping work and deleting applications.
  • Deleting the cache and program data.
  • Access to cloud storage: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Yandex.Disk.
  • Mobile device management from a computer via FTP.

File Manager + (by Flashlight + Clock) is a great choice for users, with everything you need to manage your files.

Mi File Explorer

Mi Explorer from the famous Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi is a file manager for Android in Russian. The file manager is preinstalled on Xiaomi smartphones, despite this, Mi Explorer works on any phone models from different manufacturers.

In the main window of the program there are buttons for accessing the most popular categories, information about recent actions is displayed.

Mi File Explorer has the following features:

  • View the latest directories that were worked on on the device.
  • Organize files into categories for easy access and management.
  • Group operations with files.
  • Working with APK files.
  • Cleaning the device from the cache and unnecessary data.
  • Support for ZIP and RAR archives.
  • Mi Drop is a function for transferring files to another device nearby, without the Internet turned on.

Mi File Explorer is a good choice for those who only need basic functionality on their mobile device.

ASTRO file manager

ASTRO File Manager is a popular file management application for the Android operating system. The program implements the basic necessary features that will suit most users.

In the main window, two panels contain buttons for accessing file types and storage locations, connected cloud services, and recent files. ASTRO file manager works without ads.

Main features of the ASTRO file manager:

  • File sharing with cloud storage: OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Facebook.
  • Local area network connection, SMB network (Samba).
  • Search files by category, create bookmarks.
  • Playback of multimedia files: audio and video files.
  • Viewing documents, images.
  • Compressing and decompressing ZIP and RAR archives.
  • SD Card Usage Manager is a tool for deleting files, clearing memory, managing space.
  • Task Killer is a tool to end processes and tasks to increase the battery life of your device.
  • App Manager is a tool for managing applications, managing backups.

ASTRO File Manager is a good choice as a file manager for your mobile phone.

File Manager (File Explorer)

File Manager (File Explorer) is an ASUS ZenUI FileManager file manager designed to be installed on the devices of the well-known Taiwanese computer company ASUS. The application works on any smartphones running Android.

The main page contains categories for quick transition to the necessary functions, information about the internal drive and the connected MicroSD card.

Features of File Manager (File Explorer):

  • Access files by category.
  • File Manager.
  • File transfer over local network, support for SMB (Samba) protocol.
  • Access to files in cloud storages: Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk, ASUS Web Storage.
  • Transfer of streaming multimedia data.
  • Support for archives in ZIP and RAR formats.

File Manager File Explorer (File Explorer) has the necessary minimum of features for working with files.

GM File Manager

File Manager from General Mobile Official. GM File Manager is a completely free application with no ads.

The main window displays “Quick Categories” for easy transition to the desired section of the program. Below is the status of the memory on the device itself and the SD card.

GM File Manager has the following features:

  • Choice of one of seven themes of the program interface.
  • Cloud storage support (multiple accounts supported): Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Yandex.Disk, Box, Mega, Facebook.
  • File analysis tool to find unused, duplicated, large files.
  • Transfer files via Wi-Fi to a computer, tablet or phone.
  • Support file transfer via FTP, FTPS, SFTP.
  • Application Manager.
  • Creating ZIP archives, unpacking ZIP and RAR archives.
  • Support for internal gallery, including playback of GIF files.

GM File Manager is quite suitable for working on a mobile device.

Article Conclusions

The article presents the best free file managers for Android, which have the necessary functionality for fruitful work with files and folders on a mobile device: phone or tablet. In the list of the best file managers, I included applications: ES Explorer, X-plore File Manager, Total Commander, File Manager +, Mi Explorer, ASTRO File Manager, File Manager (File Explorer), GM File Manager.

If you have something to add to this list of file managers installed on Android, share interesting information, write about it in the comments to this article.

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