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Screen Translator is a screen translator for translating text from the screen area, used in cases where it is impossible to translate in the usual way. With the screen translator, the user selects text from any area of ​​the screen and then gets the translation of the recognized text.

On the Internet, when visiting sites in foreign languages, it is quite common that not all design elements of an open web page can be translated using an online translator. The user receives a translation of the main part of the page, and what some elements mean, for example, a menu, what is written on the buttons or other design elements of the site, is unknown.

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In other situations, it is necessary to translate text in an image or photograph. This is not an easy task for the average user.

Some sites use copy protection, which makes it very difficult to select and copy the desired text. When protection is enabled on the site page, it is impossible to copy something due to the fact that the right mouse button is disabled, or translation using the online translator does not work on a similar site .

A message in a foreign language appears in the window of the running program, and the user does not understand what he should do. If the program is in a foreign language, many elements of the design or controls of the application are incomprehensible. The Windows operating system may display messages in English. For a correct response, you need to get a translation of the message.

In such situations, the user experiences significant difficulties in translating text from pictures, site elements, from message boxes emanating from the software.

You can solve such problems with the free Screen Translator program. The Screen Translator will translate the selected text from the computer screen.

Features of Screen Translator

Screen Translator will help with translation in the following cases:

  • Translation of text from images, photos, infographics.
  • Translation of text in program windows, menus, system messages, games.
  • Translation of text from interface elements, menus or website design.
  • If copy protection is enabled on the site page.

The following conditions are necessary for the normal functioning of the program:

  • Permanent Internet access.
  • A program or game that you want to recognize and then translate text with should not run in full screen mode.

To get a translation in Screen Translator, you just need to highlight the desired area of ​​the screen, the application will automatically perform optical character recognition (OCR), and then show the translation.

The application works in Russian on Windows and Linux operating systems. This is an open source project, all application sources and language packs are on GitHub.

To download Screen Translator, go to the official website of the developer of the Gres program.

Two versions of the program are offered for download: an online installer and a file for offline installation (screen translator offline). During the online installation, the user needs to select the required languages ​​for download, and during the offline installation, the main languages ​​for recognition are already included in the program. Keep in mind that due to additional language packs, the amount of space occupied by the program on the computer disk will increase significantly.

Additional languages ​​can be downloaded from the links from GitHub, which are posted on the official website. There is a portable version of Screen Translator Portable, in which you need to install the languages ​​yourself.

When installing the Screen Translator program on your computer, pay attention to the possibility of adding the program to autorun. If autorun was required after a while, add the application to autoload in these ways.

Screen Translator Settings

The icon of the running Screen Translator program is located in the notification area. Right-click on it, select “Settings” in the context menu.

In the “Settings” window, in the “General” tab, the parameters of the “hot” key combinations for performing the necessary operations are displayed: “Capture”, “Recapture”, “Show”, “Copy”.

The output of the result is available in the “Window” or in the “Tray” (notification area), setting up the receipt of updates.

In the “Recognition” tab, the recognition language is selected, the value of the “Zoom in” option is adjusted (the size of the text in the window of the recognized translation, it is recommended to choose between 5 and 10).

Corrections are made in the “Correction” area if OCR consistently fails with the same errors.

In the “Translation” tab, the maximum time for displaying the translation, the language of the result, and translators are selected.

Translators are arranged in a specific order. The user can drag the desired translator above others to use it as the main one.

After making changes to the program settings, do not forget to click on the “OK” button.

How to use Screen Translator

Now let’s see how Screen Translator works.

To capture the screen, in the notification area, right-click on the program icon, select the “Capture” menu item. In another way, you can start the capture using the keyboard shortcuts: “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “Z”.

Select the desired area on the screen with the mouse cursor. In this example, I have selected the text that needs to be translated in the window of the running program.

After the captured text is recognized, its translation will appear under the selected area.

By right-clicking on the selected area, you can select the following actions from the context menu:

  • Recognize another language – Switch to recognize another language.
  • Translate into another language – select the language into which the captured text should be translated.
  • Copy to clipboard – copies the translated text to the clipboard, for example, for pasting into a text editor.
  • Copy picture to clipboard — copies the current image to the clipboard.
  • Fix recognized text – fix errors in the translation of recognized text manually.

The program has two additional options:

  • After clicking on the program icon with the left mouse button, the last translation made using the program will appear on the screen.
  • Clicking on the middle mouse button (wheel) copies the recognized text to the clipboard.

Similarly, you can translate incomprehensible text in Screen Translator during a computer game. The only condition is that the game must not be running in full screen mode.

Article Conclusions

A free program, screen translator Screen Translator is used to translate text on a PC screen: from a captured image, a site element, a program interface or a game. The program recognizes the text in the highlighted window and then displays the translation. The recognized text can be copied to the clipboard for further use.

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