GTA SA does not work on Windows 10. Run GTA San Andreas on Windows 10

In a fit of nostalgia, I decided to play good old GTA SA on my tenth Windows, but something went wrong? Leave your anxiety and worry, dear friend, this article will help you cope with the situation. To begin with, it will be superfluous to mention what the problems are in launching GTA SA on the new software. Without a doubt, the game is outdated for Windows 10. But how to deal with it? Please read the instructions below carefully.

Open the root directory of GTA SA, find the file gta-sa.exe in it. Next, click on it with the RMB. Select the “Fix compatibility issues” section.

Click “Next” and “Check the program”. The following dialog box will appear: “Use Recommended Parameters” -> “Next” -> “Check Program” -> “Next” -> “Yes, save these parameters for the program.” Now you can close the program.

After all the manipulations, when you start the game, it will most likely show: “The program cannot be launched due to the absence of xinput1_3.dll”, the MS DirectX component responsible for the interaction of your game controller with the system. Then you need to download the missing DerectX components.

An advanced user can download xinput1_3.dll on his own from any site, but then he will have to move it manually to the designated location. Consider when choosing this option, there is a high probability of catching a virus. Therefore, we strongly recommend downloading the entire installation distribution of DirectX executable libraries from the official 

Microsoft site

… The second method is more comfortable, time-saving and free. Just follow the hyperlink, download and install the dxwebsetup.exe file. Now there will be no obstacles between you and GTA SA, even if you are a user of dozens. Enjoy your game!

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