How to turn on dark mode on Instagram

How to turn on dark mode on Instagram: The latest mobile operating systems now support Dark Mode, allowing you to turn off the lights in both iOS and Android apps. Instagram also introduced this feature late last year. Users can now use “dark mode” in dim or even pitch black lighting.

What does he give?

Instagram Dark Mode is easy to use and looks great, offering an alternative color scheme that replaces the usual white Instagram interface with shades of gray and black. Dark Mode is designed for a more comfortable viewing experience when your phone’s brightness is tiring your eyes, Dark Mode reduces eye strain, especially at night, by reducing glare.

Instagram’s Dark Mode can help improve your phone’s battery life if you’re particularly active because white pixels use significantly more power than black ones. This is especially true for phones with AMOLED screens, where black pixels are completely disabled.

Who can use Dark Mode?

This feature was launched in October 2019. It has been one of the most requested Instagram features over the years and has finally been launched. It’s surprising that it took Instagram so long to use dark mode. Twitter has supported this feature for several years, recently adding it to their desktop version as well.

To enjoy dark tones, you need to be running the latest mobile operating system i.e. Android 10 or iOS 13. Luckily, iPhone users with iOS 13 can switch to dark mode in the app by simply switching their entire phone to dark mode. For Android phones, it’s not much different, except for some limitations.

If you’ve tried the new Instagram Threads app, you might decide how dark the app should be. When you press the home button in the app and go to Themes, there are several options available, including Daylight, Twilight, Midnight, Aurora, and Sunrise (I personally like the Twilight theme).

How to turn on dark mode on Instagram iPhone

If you have an iPhone running iOS 13, these steps will allow you to change its system settings and use Instagram in dark mode.

  1. Open your phone settings;
  2. Select “Display and brightness”;
  3. Click “Dark” to change the theme;
  4. Launch Instagram.

How to turn on dark mode on Instagram Android

To enable Instagram dark mode for Android 10 phone, just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you already have Android 10 or you can upgrade to it. To see if an update is available, go to Settings – System – System Update.
  2. After updating to Android 10, enable dark mode by going to Settings > Display > Dark Theme.
  3. You can also turn on dark mode in battery saver mode by going to Settings > Battery > Battery saver. Now they are connected as dark mode saves battery, so if you turn on battery saver you will automatically go into dark mode.
  4. Open the Instagram app.
  5. Dark mode will be active in your Instagram app when enabled in your phone settings and you can scroll through it until you enable dark mode on your phone.

How to turn on dark mode on Instagram iOS

  1. Make sure you are updated to the latest iOS 13.
  2. Download the latest Instagram update.
  3. Go to Settings on your device – Display and brightness.
  4. There you can enable dark mode or set it to turn on and off automatically; either according to the current daylight hours or according to your own schedule.
  5. Launch Instagram.

Some additional comments on the function

Enabling Instagram dark mode on your Android phone is very easy. However, there is no option to turn it on and off in the Instagram app. Everything works in your phone settings.

However, it’s worth noting that not all Android phones have the Android 10 update available. According to PCMag, the update should be available for most Google Pixel phones, as it began arriving for Pixels on September 3rd. According to an article from Google, the brand is “working with [its] partners to launch and update devices to Android 10 this year.” So this means that Google devices and partner devices can get this update earlier than the rest of the Android devices that don’t have it yet. According to an October 8 post on Samsung’s website, the Android 10 beta should be “coming soon” to Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ users.

Other social media apps have also been working on dark mode support on iOS 13 and Android since release. Back in September 2019, Twitter updated to integrate its dark mode with iOS 13.

Dark mode isn’t perfect, it can still be a bit glitchy, especially when it comes to the email app on iOS 13 at the moment.

Also, some Pixel users are reporting that their Instagram app is displayed in dark mode while they themselves are not. Instagram suggests checking if the Night or Dark related settings are enabled in Appearance or Display, in which case you should disable them. In some cases, users may have enabled dark mode in the developer options. You can check it in settings and then in system and developer options. Another way to go back to the default mode is to make sure you’ve updated to Android 10 and then you can change that manually in the settings.

Other ways to save electricity on Instagram

If you don’t already have Android 10 or iOS 13, you can still take steps to reduce Instagram’s power consumption (and save mobile data while you’re at it).

To make scrolling easier, Instagram preloads images and videos, but you can limit this action.

  1. Tap the menu icon in the top right corner of the app, then tap the settings icon at the bottom.
  2. Tap “Account”, then “Mobile Data Usage” and turn on Data Saver.

This will prevent the videos from being preloaded, so they will only be downloaded when you choose to play them. It’s unlikely to have much of an effect, but if you regularly find your battery down to the last 10% without a charger, every little thing helps.

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