How to Enable Dark Theme on Instagram: 3 Ways

How to Enable Dark Theme on Instagram: In 2019, Instagram finally got the long-awaited dark theme.

The user does not have to look for the desired switch – the theme is activated automatically when night mode is turned on in the iPhone settings.

To see and evaluate the updated interface of the popular service, just follow a couple of steps.

How to Enable Dark Theme on Instagram: 3 Ways

It should be noted right away that to install a dark theme, you will need an iPhone with iOS 13 or a newer version of the software installed. It was in this version of Apple’s mobile operating system that a full-fledged dark theme first appeared. Update the Instagram app to the latest version.

And since the dark theme on Instagram is directly tied to the system theme, you will need to activate it in your smartphone settings. You can do this in three ways:

Method 1: Open “Settings “, find the item ” Display and brightness ” and switch the theme from Light to Dark .

Method 2:  Open Control Center, press and hold the screen brightness slider. In the window that appears, click the switch theme button.

Method 3: Add a dedicated button to Control Center. To do this, open the Settings app , select the Control Center section , and add a mode switch to the available items.

Immediately after switching your smartphone to night mode, the Instagram app will do the same. The interface will acquire black and dark gray shades that are comfortable for evening and night time.

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