How to compress a photo without losing quality

Often before uploading photos to social networks, you need to reduce their size. To compress an image, you need to change its resolution or format.

This can be done in a special program on a PC or using various online services. Both methods have their pluses and minuses.

For example, the program must first be installed on the computer. Web platforms do not have this drawback and allow you to quickly reduce the size of photos, but they are network dependent and often do not contain other tools for processing.

Which method to choose is up to you. Next, we will talk about each of them in more detail.

What program to compress an image

Most imaging applications offer photo compression tools. Conventionally, all programs can be divided into two types: professional and for beginners.

The former contain a large number of functions and are characterized by high cost. Photo editors for beginners have a simple interface in Russian and often allow you to perform most of the operations automatically.

The golden mean is the PhotoMASTER program. Install it if you want to change the aspect ratio of the picture and improve its quality. Here you can compress a specific photo or change the settings for many pictures at once using the “Batch processing” function.

Advantages of PhotoMASTER:

  • Work with all popular formats: RAW, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and others.
  • Batch photo processing feature.
  • Automatic adjustment of lighting and color of the frame.
  • Ready-made profiles for retouching portraits.
  • Simple and fast background replacement using a step-by-step algorithm.
  • Removing unwanted objects in the photo.
  • Option to change facial features and figure.
  • Presets for preparing a photo for printing, sharing on social networks, etc.

To compress an image without losing quality, install the program on your computer. You can download the editor for free in Russian. To do this, go to the official website of the developer and download the installation file. The program supports all versions of the Windows operating system and is not demanding on computer resources.

An example of image compression in the PhotoMASTER program

After the installation is complete, follow a few simple steps:

  1. In the start menu of PhotoMASTER, load the image into the program To do this, click on the “Open photo” button.

If you need to batch process several images, go to the “Batch Processing” section and import the necessary files. Some tools, such as retouching, are not available in this mode.

  1. Make an edit. Before saving, you can process the photo: adjust the lighting and color, apply effects, retouch, and more. To do this, use the tools located on the left panel, or go to the desired section of the application.
  2. Adjust the size. Open the File menu and click Resize and Save. You will be offered different export profiles: for printing, viewing on a PC and uploading to social networks.

If neither option is suitable, then you have the option to manually enter the width and height values. You can also specify DPI. For printing, it must be at least “300”, for storage on a computer, you can set it to “72” or “100”.

You can then specify the type of interpolation and sharpen.

  1. After completing the settings, click “Apply”.

In what services can I reduce the photo

You can use online services to reduce the file size. They allow you to process photos of popular formats and quickly compress the image. A tool on a remote server will help solve the problem with graphic images without installing additional software on the PC, but this method has its drawbacks.

Online services are not designed for detailed photo processing, they often do not offer ready-made effects, tools for retouching and color correction. In our review, there are several web applications that do the job of reducing the size of images on the Internet: IMGonline, ILoveIMG, Photo Resizer, Optimizilla.


A simple web platform with which you can resize, compress, convert and perform basic enhancements.

Advantages of IMGonline:

  • You can upload documents in various formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF.
  • Possibility to specify the desired width and height in pixels.
  • Interpolation setting.
  • Independent indication of the DPI value.
  • Format selection: original, JPEG or PNG.
  • Save or delete metadata.


  • Dependence on the speed of the Internet and long processing.
  • Reduced original quality.


Using this online service, you can not only change the aspect ratio, but also crop the frame, convert it to another extension, rotate it and add a watermark over the picture.

Pros of iLoveIMG:

  • Photo correction in JPG, PNG, SVG or GIF format.
  • Batch processing of documents.
  • Download data from device or cloud storage.
  • Change the width and height in pixels or percentages.
  • A function to keep the original proportions.


  • File Size Limit: You can import a frame up to 130 MB.
  • Saving the result only in the original format.

Photo Resizer

A resource that allows you to compress photos from a computer, the Internet or a webcam. With it, you can change the aspect ratio, crop the image and rotate the frame.

Photo Resizer Pros:

  • All tools are presented in one window.
  • Manual filling of width and height.
  • Ready presets for social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and others.
  • Correction in full screen mode.
  • Adding text and shapes to an image.
  • Export result to JPEG, PNG, WEBP, PDF.


  • Interface in English.


Service for quick compression of frames with JPEG and PNG extensions. With it, you can adjust the quality, and thereby reduce the size of the document.

Pros of Optimizilla:

  • Fast processing.
  • Batch editing mode.
  • Summary preview.
  • Upload up to 20 images at one time.


  • English menu.
  • Inability to adjust compression settings.

Article Conclusions

Now you know how to reduce photo size . To do this, you can install the application on your computer or use online resources. The latter will allow you to quickly adjust the resolution of the photo image and save the result in a suitable format. However, they depend on the quality of the Internet connection and do not contain options for editing and retouching pictures.

For detailed and high-quality photo processing, you will need an editor on a PC. You can use the PhotoMASTER program. It contains tools for cropping the image, applying filters, and adjusting brightness, contrast, exposure, and tint. You can download the application to your computer and start editing the image right away.

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