How does a predictive dialer work? Discover its amazing features

Predictive Dialer is an Automatic Dialing system that launches calls automatically and when it has a connected customer, it passes it to an agent. In this blog I will talk to you about how a predictive dialer works and how it can improve your outbound phone campaigns. Predictive calls are a must have in call centers that seek to renew themselves in order to provide their users with the best possible experience.

The implementation of a predictive dialer is one of the quality strategies for the call center, as it contributes to improving the time management of telemarketers and increasing the productivity of the call center. Predictive calls will even boost your campaigns.

Due to the demands of the current market, a predictive dialer becomes an essential tool for businesses such as call centers, because they reduce the percentage of abandoned calls from the call center and increase customer satisfaction. Today, a sales and collections business without a predictive dialer is simply at a disadvantage.

Pointing to the obvious, a predictive dialer is necessary, for this reason I will show you what a predictive dialer is, how it differs from a progressive one, what its benefits are and how a predictive dialer works. So stay and find out.

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  1. What is a predictive dialer?
  2. Predictive dialer vs progressive dialer
  3. What is the Predictive Dialer?
  4. What is Progressive Marker?
  5. Benefits of a predictive dialer
  6. Process of a predictive dialer
  7. Why use Score Dialer?

What is a predictive dialer?

A predictive dialer enhances outbound dialing campaigns, as it increases your contactability in a more intelligent way, using its algorithms to transfer only answered calls.

Let’s start with the beginning of time and how the predictive dialer originates; Legend has it that autodialers or automatic dialers are the predecessors, these made calls automatically and passed them on to agents. The predictive dialer is the evolution of that autodialer (as if the pokemon Charizard became a Mega Charizard ).

A predictive dialer is a system that uses algorithms to make batch calls automatically, then these are transferred to call center agents; Although, surely you are wondering, are all the calls forwarded? Well, here I will tell you how the procedure is.

When the predictive dialer makes calls automatically, without the need for a person to intervene, it selects those that have been answered by a human from those that have been rejected, and the calls that have been answered are connected to an available teleoperator.

That is, in the first instance, a predictive dialer executes calls from the call center and when these are affirmative, they are immediately transferred to an agent.

By dialing multiple telephone numbers, it manages to improve the productivity of the call center, since it saves the telemarketer from making calls without being certain whether they will be denied or not, and, consequently, optimizes the time of the call center agent. Therefore, thanks to the predictive dialer, your company will have a good calibration of call center calls.

In summary, a predictive dialer makes the work of a call center easier, since it makes the calls, applying its dialing algorithms, and transfers only the answered ones, thus improving the efficiency of your company and, therefore, your Call center productivity indicators will have an improvement like you have never seen before.

Predictive Dialer vs Progressive Dialer

Today, call centers use software to exercise control of calls from the call center, among the preferred ones are precisely the automatic dialers, which have several functions and characteristics that make them the favorites for these businesses, among them are find the predictive marker and the progressive marker.

What is Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer executes calls and those answered are put in contact with available telemarketers. This type of automatic dialer obtains greater call center productivity, since waiting times are minimal.

The predictive dialer reduces the operational costs of call centers, since the rates of abandoned calls decrease.

What is Progressive Marker?

On the other hand, the progressive dialer makes call center calls, if and only if the telemarketers are available. This type of automatic dialer provides greater security, as it guarantees that the call center agent will be free when a customer answers the call.

Auto dialers have things they share among their similarities are the following characteristics:

  • Both can retrieve phone numbers from the call center contact list because they are auto dialers.
  • Both can reject calls that arrive to IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and only transfer calls to agents if they are accepted or answered by people.

With that in mind, let’s move on to what differentiates a predictive dialer from a progressive dialer:

  • A progressive dialer calls one number at a time as opposed to a predictive dialer that dials several simultaneously.
  • A predictive dialer makes calls in advance, while the progressive waits for a free agent.
  • The progressive dialer focuses more on the customer experience and the predictive dialer on call center productivity.

As you have been able to realize, both automatic markers have their own and focus on different objectives. Applying any of them to your company will be a matter of your type of campaign and the resources you will use.

Benefits of a predictive dialer

In this part of the guide on how a predictive dialer works, I will explain what its benefits are and based on this, you may discover that predictive calls are the perfect implementation for your call center. Whether predictive dialing is for you or not, you decide.

As I told you at the beginning of this blog, companies dedicated to collection and sale are often at a disadvantage because they do not apply certain resources that keep them up to date with market demands. A predictive dialer could give you that edge your business needs .

The Predictive dialer works for all outbound campaigns of a Call Center, such as telesales or collections.

To help you make a decision, among the benefits of establishing a predictive dialer we have:

  • It reduces the operational costs of the call centers , since the rates of abandoned calls of the call center are lowered, which causes a considerable reduction in expenses. On the contrary, it increases profits.
  • Increases the productivity of the call center . As this type of software is responsible for eliminating errors, times are better distributed and downtime of call center agents is eradicated.
  • Increase sales . Thanks to predictive calls, the assumptions are eliminated and the most likely customers to buy are connected with the agents, so it is very possible to close a sale.
  • Increases customer satisfaction , by immediately linking the answered calls with an agent, the user does not have to wait and that leads to preference towards the company.

As you can see, a predictive dialer can lighten your work a lot, it not only increases the productivity of the call center, but also makes you sell more and retain your customers, it is almost impossible to believe, but it is true. So, in this part you ask yourself, are predictive calls a good addition for my company? I think so.

Process of a predictive dialer

Thanks to its algorithms, a predictive dialer knows when and how many calls to launch, contacting customers who actually answered with your agents.

The software used by predictive dialers, as the name suggests, works on the basis of prediction. It is this system that decides when is the right time to dial a number and how many calls have to be made at the same time.

Predictive calls can be made before the telemarketer has finished their current conversation and the call center agent will be available when that call is transferred. But, although I have already told you that it works based on prediction, you will surely ask yourself, how? does he see the future?

It’s simple, although they do predict how long a call will take, these guesses are made based on records of average call times and the number of available call center agents. Thus, it calculates the time for the current call to end and the next dial to start.

The process itself of how a predictive dialer works consists of two simple steps: Select the next phone number to dial and make the call. Of course, for it to do this, the Predictive dialer has already analyzed the times of your operation and decided when to call and how many calls to launch, magnificent!

Next, I will give you a very good recommendation on a predictive dialing system that you cannot miss.

Why use Score Dialer?

Score Dialer, Predictive dialing with Machine Learning integrated into your CRM.

Score Dialer, add predictive dialing with Machine Learning to your CRM , it integrates easily with your preferred management system, providing you with high-contact predictive dialing. Among the features that make it such a good software for predictive calls we have:

  • Intelligence in dialing ; using prediction based on Machine Learning, adds a high success in machine detection and better treatment of abandonment.
  • Efficient integration ; thanks to its powerful structure of APIs and sockets that streamline the integration process with your platform. You can easily integrate their Score Phone + Chat to your CRM.
  • Real-time viewers ; you can know exactly what your markers call and what results you are getting thanks to its online viewers and counters.
  • Operation supervision; observe, listen and audit all the events carried out by your telemarketers, relying on their indicators that optimize your operating times.
  • Real time communication; It can be done through chat and calls that adhere to your internal platform, its ease of use being a key point in the product experience.

Now, if you want more information, use cases, what types of operations a predictive dialer applies to and more; I leave you the following video, which explains clearly and in detail how and when to use the predictive dialer, in addition to the comparison with the progressive dialer:

I am sure that after teaching you what a predictive dialer is, how it differs from a progressive dialer, you will be certain that it is the best option for you.

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