How to remove Corrupt Data Found error in Valorant?

The Corrupt Data Found, please verify your installation error can appear in various games. She has made more appearances in Valorant lately, but has also appeared in PUBG , Insurgency, Hydroneer, and a number of other titles. The error itself indicates damage to the game files, and the system asks us to check the installation. Although completely different reasons can provoke a failure, most of them are easy to fix.

Serialization Error: Action Needed. Corrupt Data Found, please verify your installation

How to fix Corrupt Data Found error?

There are 3 main tactics to fix this error:

  • Removing temporary files. Enter %temp% into the command line and look for a folder with the name of the game. It might be inside another directory like Riot. We clear the contents of the temporary folder and check the effect.
  • Scanning files. In the game client of any developer, there is a function to search for damaged files. We just run it in any client: Steam, Origin, etc.
  • Reinstalling the game. The most efficient and labor intensive solution.

In exceptional cases, we have seen that this error was caused by corrupted RAM and only replacing one stick changed the situation. In most situations, it will be possible to fix the Corrupt Data Found error using the above banal solutions.

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