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Sounds of nature online is a service on the Internet that offers listening to live, natural sounds on a computer in a browser window, without installing software on a PC. With the help of the service, if necessary, the user can start playing the sounds of nature on his computer.

The sounds of nature, which calm the nervous system, will help relieve stress, relax, relieve emotional stress, get out of depression, etc. You can simply escape from the daily hustle and bustle.

Natural sounds have a beneficial effect on the emotional state of a person, when in some periods of life it is useful to escape from everyday life, and for this, listen to natural noises: the rustle of leaves, the sounds of raindrops or the sound of the surf, birdsong, etc.

Music online – sounds of nature can be used in psychotherapy or for relaxation. Listening to sounds, people calm down and are distracted from everyday worries. Natural noise and sounds will serve as an excellent background for any activities on the computer, without interfering with creativity or work.

To get natural noise on your computer, you can use two methods: an online service on the Internet or a program installed on a PC. There is a wonderful program Aura of the Forest (Aura), about which there is an article on my website.

In this article, we will look at several online services that offer site visitors the sounds of nature online for free. I suppose that many people will like the opportunity to listen to the sounds of nature relax online directly in the browser, without installing additional software on the computer.

Please note that it is not always the noise or sound that starts playing immediately, because it may take a little time for the audio to load. To get the best effect, it is recommended to listen to the sounds with headphones.

Noise online at Noises.online

Noises.online is a free service that provides the highest quality audio noises in various variations. Noise online (this is the name of the service translated into Russian) broadcasts background noise that can be combined with other noises to create your own version of the noise that is right for you.

There is the sound of the ocean, rain, waterfall, thunder, thunderstorms, fire, forest, morning, night, etc.

To start natural noise, icons are used, with the corresponding image. By clicking on the icon, you can adjust the sound of the noise by lowering the volume.

Noises can be combined, mixed, using several types of sounds at once. Click on several icons, select the appropriate option.

By clicking on the pin icon, you can get a link to save the selected configuration to the browser cache so that you can listen to it later.

It is possible to download an audio file to a computer in WAV format, no larger than 5 MB. The audio file is played in any multimedia player installed on the PC.

Listen to the sounds of nature online for free at 7oom.ru

The 7oom.ru website offers a wide range of natural sounds. The site presents a sound atmosphere suitable for different tastes: sounds at dawn or sunset, birds singing, sounds of dolphins, the sound of the sea or a waterfall, a cat purring, a winter forest, etc.

On the main page of the site, select one of the suggested sound options. In the window that opens, click on the button to launch additional effects that can be added to the selected natural noise.

The sound you like can be downloaded to your computer, for this you need to click on the “Download 3D sounds” button. On the page that opens, select the appropriate sound in the player window, for example, the sounds of birds, and then click on the button to download the file to your PC. The audio file will be saved in MP3 format.

Sounds of nature for sleep online at www.oum.ru

On the website www.oum.ru there are sections where you can listen to the sounds of nature online for sleep or for children.

To listen to audio, select the appropriate option from those presented, adjust the volume in the player, if necessary, set the playback to repeat.

Sounds from the site are available for download to your computer in MP3 format.

The site has an online Nature Sounds for Toddlers page that contains recordings intended for the little ones.

Nature Sounds at ecosounds.net

Ecosounds.net has a great selection of natural sounds from nature. For example, there are 30 atmospheres, more than 100 sounds.

Select the appropriate atmosphere, start playback.

Listen to the sounds of nature online at melodia.space

The melodia.space service offers users various options for natural sounds and noises.

On the main page of the site, you need to select the appropriate element, and then listen to the audio recording on the site page.

Article Conclusions

Sounds of nature or noise online – services that provide users with the opportunity to listen to the sounds of natural phenomena directly from the browser window, without installing additional software on the computer. Natural sounds have properties that affect the emotional state of people, set a positive attitude, allow you to relax or calm down.

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