How to fix error 0x800f0214?

How to fix error 0x800f0214: If you see this guide, then you have encountered an error with the code 0x800f0214 while installing the printer drivers. It does not allow you to use the printer until it is corrected. Of course, you can take workarounds by connecting the device to another computer or setting up a wireless connection, but you can do this without us. We will simply indicate the solutions that worked for other users with such an error. This is the best we can offer.

Unable to complete operation (error 0x800f0214)

The driver file cannot be found in that location. Error: 0x800f0214.

How to fix error 0x800f0214?

Very often, the problem lies in other software that does not work correctly with each other. We suggest that you perform the following steps, one of them should work, at least the chances of success for these methods are maximum.

What should be done:

  • Update Parallels Desktop (for Mac). An outdated version is one of the common causes of failures when connecting a printer.
  • Disable or add to firewall exceptions . This must be done for the software that works with your printer. To do this, enter “Firewall” in the search field and select “Allow communication with an application through Windows Firewall”. You need to issue the necessary permits.
  • Turn off antivirus . It can also block applications. If this is the case, then the program for printing and working with the printer will have to be reinstalled.
  • Manually install the printer driver . You can download it from the Internet and install it yourself. You can try running the installation in compatibility mode.

We hope that error 0x800f0214 has receded and no longer haunts you. As you can see from the description, it’s all about a conflict or broken drivers, and this can be fixed manually. You can confirm or refute the guess by starting Windows in clean boot mode.

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